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The Last Archimedean

Some people don't understand the word "no". Sorry about your creeper, Brit.

As for the taking off, I won't lecture you about it. I'm sure all of us have at one pointor another done something similar.

Hope life goes well for ya.


Brit, there's always a point where you just need to take a sanity day. There was even someone volunteering to cover you for it, so I don't see where the problem is on that.


There's nothing wrong with taking a day off. You honestly thought you had it covered.


haha, in Australia, we call what you did chucking a sickie. Common practice here, it's a national past time! don't feel bad about it.

But your manager, wow. He sounds like a piece of work. You don't have to make excuses to him, if you never use your mobile at work, then he should realise that it's a one off thing, and let it slide. And, gotta love stalking customers!!!


I wont lecture you about calling in sick when you needed sometime off for your self. I think most of us has done so before. My boss will ask us to come in sick anyways, so I have called in saying one of my kids was sick :P

As for the phone, I think you should have let your department head know before hand; but even still it was very rude and unprofessional for that manager to take it from your hands. He could have ask you to put it away, not snatch it away from you like you were a child. That was uncalled for.

NC Tony

If anyone ever tried to take my cell phone away from me they'd be pulling back a bloody stump. I know I'm asking a lot here, but management should have the common courtesy to at least say something like "You know you're not supposed to use your phone at work" so that you can explain the situation, especially if it's the first time you've ever been caught using your phone at work.

As for the calling off when you're not sick, not everyone will admit to it, but everyone's done it. Plus, as far as you were concerned Awesomeface was covering for you.

As for the creeper, well, not much you can do except hope to hell that he's all talk and no action. On behalf of men everywhere I'd like to apologize for this creep. Apparently these guys get their sleazy pickup lines from pornos, where even the lamest pickup line will get a girl naked and ready to go in 5 seconds.

Crazy Cashier

We constantly had people texting at our store who weren't suppose to be and the managers were getting really frustrated about it.
Even if you are a private person it shouldn't be that big of a deal to say" One of my family members is really sick and it's important that I keep up to date with my phone and I'll only use it for that." If they don't usually see you with the phone when you shouldn't be then they'd be more likely to led it slide if they know why you are using it.

I don't see why your coworker didn't tell you that he didn't work/couldn't your shift though.


I hate the idea that employees have to disclose everything to their employers (referencing the phone story, of course). I used to work at the Big Box Guitar store. The sales manager was nosy and confidentiality was not his strong suit (then again, I don't think anything was). I knew if I told him anything, everyone would know it in a matter of a few weeks (employees and customers alike). He always acted so offended when I didn't tell him something about my personal life.


To be fair, if an emergency did arise, you'd have to let the manager know anyway - letting him know ahead of time does help him work out how to deal with being potentially short-staffed. It's not like you have to go into details outside of fearing that there may be a family emergency, and that you're just wanting to be prepared.

The manager's probably just annoyed that he thought he caught someone slacking off, then annoyed at being needlessly annoyed than anything.

But hey, live and learn. Sucks that it happens during the family stuff, but family making you worry can make other problems seem worse than they really are.

Personally, I'd have rationalised taking the extra sick day off as making sure that you've recovered completely for work again. The rest you couldn't have known about, and as far as you knew, you weren't going to be leaving them short-handed in this particular situation.

Drug Store Diva

I had approval from the store manager to carry my cell phone with me because at one time I had three family members in hospitals or nursing homes. I had one assistant who didn't like it, but I basically told her tough.

Calling in...we've all done it.

Book Baby

The one and ONLY time I have had my cell phone on me at work was when DH was in the hospital, a full state away. I was waiting for an update from my sons, who were with him. needed to find out if he had had a heart attack and that I needed to drive ten hours to go get him (thank GOD, no!-- he was OK). I had permission before I did this. My cell phone is put away when I am at work. PERIOD.

People who have their phones surgically attached to their hands are a pet peeve of mine.

As for calling in? No, we have NOT all done it. However, I think you were fine taking a day off. I have never, EVER called in unless I was truly sick, but that's just me.


In a few months you can say back to your dad:

Spring sprung, fall fell,
Summer's here and it's hotter thannnn.... usual. : - )

We had a no cellphone policy at Hellgreen's, but considering that the managers were the worst offenders, we never got in trouble as long as a customer was never caught waiting. I didn't have my watch back then and the clock was never right, so I just carried my phone. I never answered it while working though, just kept track of my time so I didn't get in trouble.

I think your boss was definitely rude. I don't care how many people she caught with phones before, she is not a teacher in class taking away a radio or ipod capable of giving unfair answers. She's lucky she didn't spook me from behind and get elbowed out of reflex.


The few times I've need to be "on call" for personal emergencies and didn't feel like explaining private crap to the world, what I did was I kept my phone in my pocket, and if it buzzed, I said, "I need a minute," to my manager and took a couple minutes to go to the bathroom or the break room where I could be alone. No one can prevent you from peeing, and the extra few seconds it takes to tell people you'll be OOC might keep Manager Jerkface off your tail.

Also, everyone needs a personal day, especially when the job gets stressful. I know I am no good to anyone when I feel crappy and irritable and want to burst into tears at any given moment. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take a day off.


Sick of being stuck inside on a beautiful spring day is a kind of sick, right? I say you were completely justified.

Larry Berry

I would have let them know about expecting an important text. Even if you want to be a private person for the most part, just to say 'Just to let you know, I may be getting an important message, that I must answer. It's of a personal matter, but I just want to let you know'.

However, the manager was a total jerk. Even if there is a policy against cellphones, taking your personal possession out of your hands, is still theft.

I had a situation once, when I was working fast food. I was expecting an important call regarding a different job that I also did part time. It was vital that I take the call and unfortunately it was going to be right around lunch rush. I told the manager and apologized beforehand. Luckily she was a cool manager. She was fine with it. She acknowledged that she knew I wasn't the type to be calling or texting normally (we did have some that that was an issue with) so she knew it was a rare situation and that I wasn't abusing the situation or anything. Luckily when the call actually came, we weren't in a huge rush, and when I said that the call came that I had to take, she actually took my spot herself, for the few minutes the call took.


I've understood this leossn for some time now and it actually makes things harder in the beginning. Of course it's easier to blame someone else! The hard part for me is giving myself any slack, even though I'm aware of it. What can I say. I'm a non-stop, hysterical work in progress. Aren't we all?Adam, there is something about you raising yor eyebrow even smidge! Woo!

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