Retail Hell Underground: Update on Douchebag That Tried To Scam a Girl Scout On Cookie Order

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Hahahahaha. Good!

The Last Archimedean

HA! Karma is a cast-iron bitch, ain't it? Serves the arsehole right. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life.


Your update thawed the frozen wastes of my shriveled lil' heart! It's happy dance time when douchebags like this get what they deserve right in the a** with rough grit sandpaper!


Good riddance!


Awesome! I knew someone who would be so low as to try to scam the girl scouts would get his just desserts in the end.

Lady Red

Serves the lowlife right, its nice to hear that he got what he deserved .

Sales Agent Guy

That bastard really got hit hard. Even if he doesn't get hit by the counterfeiting charges, I'm sure all the other charges will bring him down big time.

NC Tony

*does the happy dance* Always nice to see the assholes of the world get what they deserve!


I was really surprised when I saw the cops already. Apparently it was his soon-to-be ex wife that even called the cops to begin with. He apparently stole from her mother, and she didn't have a clue he was doing this. She apparently went down and filed for divorce yesterday.


Good riddance to bad fucking rubbish! It's so good to see a follow-up to such a horrible story, and a good follow-up at that!


Glad to know he getting it up the ass from Karma. *does happy dance*


Wish I could buy the soon-to-be-ex wife some GS cookies as a "thank you for turning this scum in" present.


yeahoo!!! karma does really work :)


And now the asshole is going to BE the girl scout in jail. Awesome.


you happen to live in Mass?


Sweeeeeeeeeet, and my sympathies (and respect) to the ex-to-be.

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