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This may not be a popular opinion but if you agreed to take the shift, even knowing it hadn't shown up on your schedule, you probably still should have gone in. Even if it was a "just in case" situation and "A" did actually show up. It could have been a computer glitch or he could have forgotten but if he honestly thought that you would cover the shift then he's done his part.


Usually if I can't remember if I work, I'll call one of my coworkers and they can go check the schedule for me. Why couldn't the coordinator check to see if you were in it? You called and asked, and someone I am assuming is higher up than you told that it was someone else. You even said you didn't feel well, so that should have counted as calling in too, right?

The Last Archimedean

Can't speak for anyone else, but I have missed you. :) I'm sure a lot of us have, you're a charter member of the RHU community.

Anyway, sorry to hear your life isn't going well. If you lived near me instead of on the other coast [I'm out in California] I'd do what I could to help. I'll send positive thoughts your way.

That's great about the interview, Redhead! I hope you get the job and things take a good turn. Keep thinking good thoughts.

As for the shift, seems like you did the right thing asking a superior to check and THEY are the ones who screwed up, so that nocall/noshow should be removed from your record immediately and the coordinator given a reprimand.


Have missed you too. :) Definitely not your fault; you called in and the person who should have known about it told you it wasn't on your schedule...

September Bade

I'm kind of curious, where do you roleplay? I used to do some on blogs and whatnot, but lately I've been seeing lots of people doing it casually on facebook. And by casually, I mean people who can't even type a paragraph making their characters 'lol' with each other... I figure this isn't what you're doing, but it would be cool if I joined the same RP site.


Sure September Bade, I can give you a few links. It would be better if I could link you on Facebook though.


Madame, and September Bade, if you're interested in a role-playing game, rather than just freeform roleplay, I run a free site for people to play Old World of Darkness games, namely Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse...if you don't know how to play, it's ridiculously easy to learn, and like I said, we do not want your moneys.

If you want, my email's annalouhoo@gmail.com and I'd be ridiculously happy to get you guys involved. :D


Glad to see you back! Sorry you aren't doing well though.

If you aren't already getting help, contact: http://www.nami.org They can usually help find free or sliding scale help.

Congratulations on your writing! Who knew you had hidden talents. I hope to see a link to the interview.


Ew, that's the company's fault--just one of those things I doubt they'll ever own up to. It happens, I guess, and similar has happened to me with days needed off.

Keep going! Things'll get better, I'm sure of it.


Happy to see you back! Let us know more about your interview and your writing - I'm sure lots of us would like to keep up with your successes!

Lab Rat

Boo to depression! :( I'm right there with you on that one. Here's hoping you feel better soon!


I'm rather curious as to what games you RP myself. I'm a HUGE D&D player and I'm extremely familair with Legend of the Five Rings and WoD as well.

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