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The Last Archimedean

Congrats on the new job.

I can sort of understand seeing "country" as "county", especially if you're anticipating that the county would be the logical thing to go next to whatever the other part of the form was, but.. how anyone could think "the main street of Jerusalem" is a valid street address is beyonf me.

Damn Yankee

If you're in AA, I really, really sympathize. If it's the other big green and white one, I'm REALLY sorry XD

Good luck, and don't let the grads (or grief, the parents!) drive you mad!


lol, my fiance is an attorney, and he recently encountered some law students from the school you mentioned (a group of them decided to represent someone in court). While in court, they made complete idiots of themselves. They were so bad that the prosecutor wrote a letter to their supervising professor requesting that they essentially be punished/get a bad grade/whatnot.
How can such bad students be allowed to go to an allegedly competitive school?


I'm glad you got an awesome, more compatible new job. But, I had to comment on one thing-- you lived your whole life there, before moving at 12? Your whole life is 12? XD

DrugStore Diva

I will admit to confusing county and country a few times, and I've lived in the US all of my koffmumblemumblekoff years. You really have to slow down and read some forms very carefully.

God save the Queen

Elizabeth I wasn't ruler of Britain, she was only queen of England.

Your point stands of course; writing Mary II, Anne and the long and glorious reign of Queen Victoria out of history like that simply won't do at all.

maya marie

there's a reason a certain university in ohio makes fun of a certain university in michigan.


I thank you for correcting me, GSTQ. Lizzy number One is too current for me - I start paying attention around about the turn of 1AD and stop when Anne Boleyn's head comes off. That's my personal failing >.<

I can't believe Freddy put this as my story title, ha ha!

Music Girl

Maybe the kid was just being a smart-ass? College kids are known for that...

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