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The Last Archimedean

Glad things are better, Brit. You have an office job and you don't want to kill either a customer or a coworker *every* day yo go in. :)


"...Lawl and Giggles...and their pet gays, Duke and Twitch"....oh my gawd, woman, I laughed so hard I nearly puked. Excellent stuff! Glad to hear the new job's treating you well!

Fortune Cookie

Tattoos and paisley dresseS? DAmmit! I'll eb your friend ^_^


Quote my oldest daughter: Paisley looks like sperm.

I've never been able to look at paisley without a smirk on my face since : - D

I'll admit I play with names too when I hear them. My ex and I would talk to the tv and make jokes about all sorts of stuff. You have to stay sane somehow.


Quote my oldest daughter: Paisley looks like sperm.

I've never been able to look at paisley without a smirk on my face since : - D

I'll admit I play with names too when I hear them. My ex and I would talk to the tv and make jokes about all sorts of stuff. You have to stay sane somehow.


So they expected him to like...fly there on a magic carpet?

heavy melvanova

Yeah, sounds like I'd be your friend too. I like off-the-beaten-path kinds of people, and I sometimes do the KAAAAAHHHHN thing too ...

btw, he'll be in the next Star Trek movie, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is playing him, we'll see how that works out. He tasks me!

Kiliana Nightwolf

Yay, another Sherlock (and Benny) fan!


I SO sympathize with getting a laugh out of students names... one semester, the other TAs and I entirely lost it over a girl whos name was Vereshagina (hint: leave out the middle part). I might add that it's always a good thing to make a TA laugh, so that name was kind of an unfair advantage (we were super nice to her for the entire course. yes, we're horrible, biased people. and did I mention childish?).

Also, props for the stockings. ^^


I nearly died reading Glottis' comment. That is probably the most unfortunate last name ever. And Angie, I'm assuming that's exactly what they expected. Or that he would walk about 10 miles in as many minutes.


I recently left a job for this exact reason - cliques. It's hard when you're working with a group of people who make it painfully obvious that they're not interested in getting to know you, especially when you make a genuine effort. So glad you can find a way to make your own fun :) wish I could have too, because I loved the job, but I just couldn't hack the lack of social interaction.

P.S. Coloured stockings rock - especially hot pink ones

NC Tony

You're doing the best thing with the cliques, just ignoring them. If you don't give them any ammo, they have nothing to say (unless they complain about you never talking to them, but that's kind of hypocritical because they don't talk to you either), and just end up looking stupid (well even more stupid).

I feel for your boyfriend on the issue of not having any way to get to work. I got fired from a job for missing mandatory meeting (that nobody bothered to tell me about) because at the time my ONLY option to get to work was riding my bike (about a half hour ride) the bus that actually stopped near my job was five blocks away from where I lived (a ten minute walk), would have taken me at least an hour (after going all the way across the city), and then I would have to hike all the way across the mall to get to work. I hated the job anyway. I made more money on unemployment.

NC Tony

Oh and you earn 15 geek points for the "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!" reference.

5 Star Slave

Ah, the Crimson Birdy. My first restaurant hell gig, and still my least favorite place ever. Not sure if it was the whole "charge the slaves for the fries they give out to crustys for free" thing, or if it was the "we have no money to give you your two promised raises, even though we are backed by a mega corporation and are paying the high school slaves who started a year after you a full dollar an hour more than you" issue.

I hope your BF can find something better and closer!

The Last Archimedean

OMG. I almost passed out laughing when I saw Glottis' comment. That poor girl...

Too long ago to mention, back when I was a freshman in college, one of the guys in my dorm was saddled with the name of Miles Long. Yes, he spent many hours thinking up creative ways to slowly torture his parents to death.

(It didn't help that everyone kept teasing him that when we finally grew a collective brain in this country and changed to the metric system, he'd have to change his first name to 1.61 Kilometers. He actually decked a guy for saying that.)


Office environment does have it's pros and cons. My con to office life are (1) getting stuck in the middle of people who don't like each other, and (2) having to clean up other people's mistakes. Regarding 1, the damn place is like being back in high school sometimes, with the whispering and talking behind backs, but I suppose that's more common than I expected. And regarding 2, while that's basically my job, it boggles my mind that I prove time and time again certain people make the same mistakes that lose the company money (both the mistake itself and my time to sort it all out and fix it) and nobody ever gets reprimanded for it.

Queer Geek

Every job is cliquey sad to say. Just as long as you don't invovle in office drama, you'll be fine. You got to admire shows and movies like The Office and Office Space to relate to the ridiculously ness of the working environment.


One of my best friends back in IN had a sister that was a nurse. She was in the maternity ward for years and the same mother had two children there. She felt SO bad for the children named; "Stoolena" and "Turdisitis" (although I'm not 100% sure on the spelling).

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