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I don't know, you sound like a right bitch for telling Whiny Guy he was "first in line" when you had no intention of selling it to him.


Ignore the twatwaffle above me...AWESOME that you got full price on the truck!!


Yay! I'm glad it worked out for you; maybe Nice will have to swing by sometime. ;33

Selling stuff on Craigslist is a special kind of hell. At least on eBay it was straightforward - you win, you pay, I ship. CL is great, but the back and forth some people want to do is insane.


I read it that he demanded that she hold it, await his whims to show up and see about getting it-she never agreed to it.


I probably would have given him first chance if he hadn't called me eight times wanting to come early, waking me up (I'm a day sleeper), and generally being a pain in the ass. You missed the very important part. I probably should have highlighted that too: "at that point [he] was first in line" I NEVER PROMISED HIM he could have it. His whiny, snotty, pushy attitude made me think that he had never been denied anything in his life. Veruca Salt had nothing on him. He'll find another truck eventually, but I wasn't taking the chance that he was going to come back all pissed that it was sold AS IS! I have enough stress in my life right now.


I think you did great and it turned out great! With all the ridiculous demands MWP was making, and the horrible attitude he had (even AFTER the friggin truck was sold!!), most anybody I've dealt with would've told him to fuck off. If nothing else, maybe you taught him that he can't always get what he wants. No matter how much of a tantrum he throws. (Now he's starting to remind me of those kids in the store rolling around on the floor screaming because mommy wouldn't buy them the toy.)

The Last Archimedean

Great that Mr. Nice Guy got the truck.

Humor_Me, if you lived closer to me I'd do whatever I could to help you out. From here all I can do is ofer as much moral support as I can and send positive thoughts your way... I hope some good things come your way soon.

The Worst

I totally understand wanting to sell your beloved vehicle to someone you like. When I was selling my Sylvia (a BMW convertible) I got a lot of whiny, entitled rich kids coming after her. After everything we'd been through, though, I had to sell her to someone who would appreciate what a special car she is. That person ended up being a young veterinarian/surfer who was going to take her home to Ireland after her residency at a local animal hospital. I love that Sylvia gets to travel the world now. You definitely did the right thing selling Khemosabe to Mr. Nice Guy!


Good thing you didn't sell the truck to Whiny Pants. You would have gotten called with every problem the truck developed for as long as he had it (at least until you got a different phone number).


Yeah I agree minidoc. I'm glad it got sold to mr nice guy too!

NC Tony

Glad to hear everything went ok with you selling the truck HM. I'm glad Mr. Nice Guy came along and saved you from having to deal with Mr. Whiny Pants in person. When my wife and I were newlyweds we had what we affectionately called The Lawn Ornament, the car my wife had for years that eventually died and we had no money to repair. We eventually sold the car to our landlord's son-in-law who owned a towing company. He actually came by in his tow truck and towed the car off, he knew the car was dead and said he'd probably end up scrapping it for parts. We were just glad to get rid of it.

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