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I went to a Paula Deen party where the host served these with a side of BUTTER SOUP. My gall bladder was kicking my ass the next day.


What the heck is the fascination with these? They sound disgusting!


BLECH! Nasty !


Man, just leave the donut alone.

I'll never understand the fascination of combining food like this.


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Another vote for "fucking revolting."

I can understand deep fried Twinkies or Mars Bars, though deep fried mac-n-cheese and beer is a stretch. But this and the deep fried butter have to just be for the shock value, there's no way anyone had the courage to try it let alone enjoy it enough to eat on a regular basis.


I wouldn't eat that if I had the Worst. Munchies. Ever.

heavy melvanova

These recipes were probably thought up by a cardiologist, to drum up more business? Ick.


Do items like these come with a side of heart surgeon or at least a cardiologist consult?


Irregardless of how freaky these doughnut burgers are, MANY people actually like these. An episode of Man VS Food showcased these and they were made in a baseball park (can't remember specifically which park).

The calories and fat are HUGE, but people like them still.

A friend of mine had a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich (no one was pregnant... my friend was a guy), and I was initially disgusted, but after some poking and prodding, I finally took a bite. It was surprisingly good. Not my favorite sandwich, but I liked it enough to occasionally make one every once in a while for myself.


That just sounds gross. Donuts do not belong with burgers.


"No one does this in Orange County" he says. With good reason, I suspect. I wouldn't even want to touch that, let alone eat it.


Saw a picture of one of these being sold at a Wisconsin State Fair, except instead of one doughnut cut in half for the burger bun, it was two freaking doughnuts. Looks pretty good, actually, I know I'd try it.

Also, @Chris, "irregardless" isn't a word. The Grammar Nazi in me shrieked and clutched her chest when she saw that kicking off your post.

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Blueberry is a weird donut flavour on par with sushi? WTF? They're widely available where I live...


I love me some junk food but uh, yeah. This gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it. I would, however, eat a dounut with bacon on it, if the bacon was extra crisp and not greasy. Just not a burger, egg and cheese. EWWW.


Oh, and nobody does ANYTHING in Orange County. Seriously the OC is awful.

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