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The Last Archimedean

And Rude hasn't fired this useless waste of oxygen yet because...?


Isn't there a sexual harassment policy for your store or in general? I always thought it was a 'one strike you're out' policy for asking co-workers out, then it becomes sexual harassment.

Fortune Cookie

Please tell me you told him to go fuck himself after he wanted more tip money?


Technically, until the person flat out tells them that their behavior is unwelcomed (not just saying no), it's only ”potentially” a situation that could become sexual harassment, but the higher-ups have to be told so the offender is aware of it (unless obvious sexual contact or comments are made with witnesses).

Usually one complaint can get someone fired though. Something to tell Trip!

I hope you told him why he didn't get more money. ” Other jobs as assigned!!!

The vacationing NC Tony

I'm surprised you even tipped him out a dollar. You should have ignored him like he ignored everyone else, especially after the comment about mopping out the ladies room. Plus if someone doesn't get the message when a woman tells him no, and threats don't work, a well placed knee to the balls might help get the message across.


Dunno, if you're too fat for his tastes, I'd consider yourself lucky and avoid weight loss like the plague.

Better yet, why in the world isn't this cretin being fired??


I just don't get chasing after a co-worker. Leaving aside the obvious fact that the gal is married, wouldn't there just be too much potential for truly awkward and uncomfortable situations? Especially if things go wrong. I've alwys figured that if I'm that interested in someone I work with, it would be better to find a different job before asking them out.


Shannah, you may want to get your sarcasmometer looked at, doesn't seem to be picking up.

NC Tony: Never give no tip, just makes you look cheap. :)

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