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3min and 50 sec in and wondering if anything is going to happen?


I've made it to 8:38 so far I can't tell if this is a photo or a video?


I made it through the entire video...nothing happened? If I missed something someone tell me please?


Listen to the story which is told


wow. that was suuch a creepy story. thanks for posting it!


Nothing happens with the video just listen to the story.

Queer Geek

Okay I'm missing something. Listened to the story and hoped for something paranormal in the video. Sorry feel let down.

Bored at the Bookstore

Whoa. This author could compete with Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Congratulations, and thanks for the shiver up the spine. Glad I listened in the bright light of day!

Care Plan Pimp

Meh this is a lousy creepypasta. Candle Cove ftw!!


AHHH CREEPY PASTA! And it's Mr.Creepy Pasta! LOVE Him, and just so you people know he is NOT the author.


These are readings of creepypastas (Short creepy stories found around forums on the internet). That one was an awesome one which I hadn't heard before, as are quite a few on his channel..


There's loads more on his channel. Some of them are amazing :)

I imagine I'd find the security footage seen in this video terrifying too.


The photographs are just picked out so the youtube videos aren't just a black wall or filled with text. The story is what the videos are about, not the picture.


that guy is not very good at emoting or pregnant pauses, which pretty much ruined it for me. also, it sounds like he has a mouth full of braces, which was distracting.


I don't know what y'all are bitching about. I loved it.


I'm with Kittykatzkitchen.


In Mahimahi and Kitty's camp over here :3 I love short readings like this.


Dude, I loved it! Reminded me a bit of the Slenderman legend, since that involves memory loss, but fantastic!

Squirrel bagger

Haven't heard this one in a long time, still scares the hell out of me, especially since I work with a guy named Jeremy.


Didn't scare me, but I did have an "oh shit" moment the first time that the audio started looping.

I'm gonna have to check out more of this guy's stuff.


Was I the only one sitting way back from my monitor waiting for the zombie to pop up like in that car commerical?


Nope. I skipped through the video in various places, saw it was the same thing the whole way and got bored and wandered off. Was expecting a screamer. Didn't have the sound on because security cameras generally don't have sound... and for something labeled 'security camera', you'd kind of expect it to be a VIDEO, not someone reading to you. So, meh.

Fortune Cookie

So...at 9:33 p.m. the second clock hand is stuck at twelve? Uhm...

But yeah, nice enough story.


I was half expecting something from Yuggoth to shamble past the camera. I've been reading too much Lovecraft.


If you watch carefully, you can see that it really is a security video. There are little lines and squiggles, and occasional shadows from the film that indicate little time lapses and jumps. The story was ok, but i started doing other things halfway through because I was expecting a zombie scream and I hate those.


This is Stephen King material! Very good!

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