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The Last Archimedean

What happened to Rude's brain? Did he donate it to science while he's still alive?

Hope you get the job at "Entire Vittles" so you can get away from this moron.


"Entire Vittles" is my new favorite store nickname, and I hope you get a better post with them! Anything sounds better than another day of Rude's ridiculous badgering.

NC Tony

Sounds to me like TTC made Rude uncomfortable because he's a fucking idiot.

Fortune Cookie

Tell rude "You said this and I did it, then you still yelled at me. Please let me know in writing what the policy is and I will do it right." You have documentation and if he gives you trouble of it, you can take it to whomever is in charge of him.


Hope you get away from Pizza pit and get the job at "Entire Vittles. Rude sounds like a complete idiot, have you ever complained to someone higher up about him?


The thing about that is that there is no one higher up than Rude.

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