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The Last Archimedean

Nice to see Shanaynay get her comeuppance, even if it was just for a moment.

Question: since Don was the one who handled the gift card order, why wasn't Rude yelling at him? If *I* were a manager and something went wrong with a transaction, I'd blame the clrek who actually, you know, PROCESSED THE TRANSACTION. But then again, I have common sense and think logivcally, which clearly renders me incapable of being a manager.

As for job-hopping, that one's your call. Do you thnk it'll be any better?

NC Tony

If I were in your shoes, I would have cut Rude off halfway into his rant and said "Don handled the order, take it up with him.", hung up and turned my phone off and ignored any messages from him when I decided to turn it back on. As for BitcFace... I mean Shanaynay, if the bitch is spreading rumors about you, it might be a good idea to get out of there before things go from bad to worse.


I would just like to say that a smoky-poo sounds like something you would do after a particularly spicy meal. And a lot less pleasant than what I'm sure you meant.

Fortune Cookie

Maybe you could ask one of the other employees what's up with the cold shoulder treatment towards you. Just be like "Did I do anything wrong?" And then see what Shanaynay said.

Also, YES, take the pizza section thing at the natural foods store :)


Walk away and never return....to Pizza Pit, that is.


If you have the opportunity to move on and get out, take it. This place is no good.


It sounds like you need to take a look at what you are using to make decicions and try to figure out where you are going wrong before you move on.


If the same things keep happening at different places,I would question if it is a vibe you are sending. Just a thought.

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