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Hellgreens Slave

Lmfao it's sad when people take stuff out of context & automatically assume this big negative thing out of a comment... and then blow it up to create drama because they're insecure, bored, immature, etc whatever. I see it too often and it's because people never grew out of that high school phase. I hope they do realize they don't need her while she's out... but she's clearly not smart enough to realize it's illegal to fire someone for having a kid so there's no true way you're her actual replacement ah but then again some people will never amount to much in life & ya just have to accept that this is how they'll be forever & the only thing you can do is just achieve more hahaha.


Holy hell, get her a pack of condoms for her baby shower.

The Last Archimedean

Better yet, buy her a brain that works.


I am praying to every God/Mythical Creature/Flying Spaghetti Monster out there that this baby does completely the opposite of whatever that bitch teaches them (cuz obviously she's not going to teach them anything good or useful). I feel sorry for the kid, honestly.

NC Tony

I second (and third and forth and fifth) The Brits wish for the baby to grow up to be smarter than his/her dumbass parents and is smart enough to cut two useless people like that out of his/her life when s/he is old enough to break out on their own.

Queer Geek

This is why I'm supporting Pro-Choice. Some people should never breed.

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