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How on earth do all the fucked up creepy ass holes keep finding you? Tank sounds like a real stand up guy though so congrats to the two of you.

The Last Archimedean

I hope you get healthy soon.

I kind of figured you'd end up dating Tank. He sounds like a wonderful catch, and I wish the two of you well.

Office Slave

I have followed your story about creepy stalker guy, and I thought that Tank was a great guy and a keeper. So glad that you two are dating!


Tank sounds like a keeper -- lucky~♥


I agree, Tank is a dream come true! Hang onto him!


*hugs* Hope you feel better soon Karebear! Congrats on you and Tank too!


So glad you're dating Tank!
I wish I had a Tank. :(


@Skittles: I seriously wish I knew. Really wish I knew lol.


Congrats on you and Tank!


Yay you're with Tank now!


I've been reading your updates and hoping you and Tank would end up together! Best wishes to you both!


A good man will shoo the creepers away...a great man will shake the can of Whoopass before he opens it on them. Congrats, Karebear!!


I am so sorry the creepers keep finding you. But sounds like a great guy did too! :) Best of luck to you both.


Haha, I knew you two would end up together. Mazel tov!


Congrats to you and Tank! Near the end of the story I was wondering when you and he would start dating...glad I got my answer quickly! Congrats again, you deserve a wonderful guy like him!

NC Tony

Unfortunately, some women must have something about them that's like a signal to every creep in a 20 foot radius that says "Come harass me". A few lucky women also have a Tank nearby that has a six pack of Whoop Ass ready for those creeps.

Also, regarding you and Tank dating: It's about time! Congratulations. After all the crap you've been through, you deserve a stand up guy like him.


NC Tony, forget 6 pack. He has whole 24 can case! Karebear, so glad you and Tank got together! I've kind of been hoping that would happen since you posted about all that unpleasantness several weeks ago. He sounds like a great guy that can keep the creepers away.

The Last Archimedean

I hope word starts getting around the creeper grapevine real soon "Don't mess with KareBear, that guy Tank will f*** you up if you try."


Congratulations, Karebear! I kinda hoped you'd end up with Tank, he sounds totally awesome! :)


I second the rest. Finally!!!to echo the highschool-ness; i totally saw it coming and i wish nothing but the best for both of you! good god about the creepers...i'm the same way, but thankfully i've never had to deal with a pushy drunker-mc-drunkerson!


I'm so glad I was able to log on reliably and see this! You deserve happiness after what you've been through : - D Nice to know your Attract-O-Magnet works better on the good guys. I'm going to be disappointed if I can't keep up with the updates.

P.S. How's the dog doing?

Queer Geek

I need to find my own Tank!

Fortune Cookie

*punches air* I knew you two would end up together from your first post he appeared in with the stalker dude. Also, can we clone Tank? I want one for myself.


I think I speak for everyone who's into guy here that we would all like a clone of Tank, though I'm happy to have you keep the original. Yay!

But boo to you being a magnet for shit. I'm not digging that part.

Legal Minion

Yay for you and Tank! I hope you feel better soon.


I know the feeling of being a Creep Magnet-- I'm one, and my mother is as well. I'm not particularly attractive or small-statured, and I sure as hell am not very social... It must be some kind of asshole attracting pheromone.

I was kind of hoping the story was going to end with you puking on the idiot's shoes, but I suppose the ending was satisfying enough. Stay safe, it helps that you now have a boyfriend/personal bodyguard but definitely look into getting a hunting knife or at least some pepper spray depending on what's legal where you live.

The Last Archimedean

Pepper spray? Try actual Mace, if you can find it. Much more effective.


I, like pretty much everyone else, was wondering when you and Tank would start dating. It's about damn time! :)

Hope to hear from you around these parts again!

Book Baby

Hooray for Tank! Next time some idiot tries this, if Tank isn't around, hit the bridge of his nose with your cell phone. Trust me, you CAN break it with the average phone.


Yeah I figured you guys would get together.


arc, fuck mace, use wasp spray! guaranteed they make a trip to the ER, and if you file a police report and tell them you used wasp spray, the cops can easily catch the asshole in question. >:D

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