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The Last Archimedean

What a b!tch. I pity their kids. With parents like that they're certain to emerge as hellspawn.


I'll never understand such selfishness and entitlement.

Sales Agent Guy

"Unless you'd like to eat on the roof, you can either wait patiently or go elsewhere."

LOL! Great comeback! Highfive to Singing Server!

NC Tony

With customers like this, you just want to go to their house for dinner, and complain about everything. Just to show them what they're like.


I second Tony. I was taught VERY early on, even before kindergarten that you just have to learn to WAIT YOUR TURN! Unless you are in labor, having trouble breathing, or having chest pains (NOT in a restaurant, but in the ER), suck it up and wait. Did you call ahead for reservations? No? Then WAIT YOUR TURN! President of the United States? No? Then WAIT YOUR TURN! You still have to drop your pants to shit like the rest of us.


It's too bad that restaurants don't just kick these people out. It would certainly make my dining experience better, and I think the majority of folks would share that opinion.


Turns out this SAME PERSON, the husband, went into a t-shirt shop in town and a coworker who was shopping overheard them loudly complaining that they couldn't get cash back - exchange/store credit only! Loudly complaining and putting the poor cashiers through hell. I wish I had been there...Since I would be off duty I could tell him to go fuck himself. Sigh, if only I had been there!!

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