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Queer Geek

Dude! Just have them remake the burger! How hard is that? Plus, why did you eat the whole thing in the first place?


I absolutely hate onions on my hamburgers.... so I always check my order before I leave the restaurant. If they make a mistake, just ask them to fix it. Inconvenient? yes, but much better to wait a few minutes than to win a free trip to jail.

The Last Archimedean

Wow. This guy either has serious mental issues or he was on some hardcore drugs.


They really went all out on the hamburger puns, didn't they?

besides, the guy was probably on meth. It's kind of a problem in the state lately.

Oh the days when pot was the biggest problem... :(

NC Tony

I just went to the HuffPo link, and you need to go there too. Just to get a look at this guy.


When did picking off the offending topping become too much work? I can understand special orders if it's something you can't pick off, like mayo or chopped toppings, or if you're allergic to something, but otherwise I just don't get it. Some people may say it's wasteful, but fast food joints waste a lot of food every day. The little extra waste just isn't worth the trouble of special ordering, both for you and for the people making the food. And that doesn't even apply in this case, because the crusty in question demanded a whole other burger. WTF?!


Yeah, I usually pick off anything I don't like, if I have to get something with onions on it(the only thing I really don't like). It amazes me how people will fly into a rage over something so small!


Hellraiser, it looked to me more like when he complained, they offered a refund AND to remake the burger, so above and beyond the call, and he ate it anyway. So it's his own fault... Dumbass.

And yeah, he looks like a goof. :D


Hmm... not as methy as I expected him to look. Must be new.

If they mess up something on mine like no tomato or onion, I just pick it off. Unless its an allergy. guy at work projectile vomits when he has onions. But I mean, really, no reason to have a tantrum.


@Hellraiser: Especially on the Quarter Pounders - the onions used are the big "slivered" ones instead of the tiny dehydrated ones, REALLY easy to pick off. I understand wanting them to get your order right, but maybe pick the offending item off and bring it to their attention the next time you stop in. One step I would stop short of, though: telling the cashier to "make sure" of something. I hear that phrase a lot, and it's just like, Oh sure, I'll just run back into the grill and watch them make your sandwich to "make sure" your onions aren't on there! =\ Just informing the cashier of the error on the previous occasion will suffice.

This also reminds me of a woman that I waited on who ordered a Big Mac with extra sauce. She came back about 5-10 minutes later to order a tea, and informed me that there was no extra sauce on her Big Mac. She even had her receipt and the sticker they put on the box that proved that I had, in fact, told the grill to put extra sauce on it. I apologized and asked if she still had the sandwich, and I could have them make her another one. Her response? "Oh, I ate about half of it...I threw the rest of it away." ...Seriously? I told her there was nothing we could do without the product, and she literally looked me dead in the eye and said, "So you mean to tell me I ate a dried-out Big Mac for nothin'?" Well, half of one, to be exact, and yeah, I guess you did, lady. At least she didn't freak out and break a bunch of shit.


I expect rage incidents like this to get a lot more common in the next few years.

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