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The Last Archimedean

I hate self checkouts myself but for crying out loud... that's ridiculous.


I think customers like her are the reason our local Wallhell turned their self-checkouts into staffed twenty items or less lanes.


There's no excuse for rudeness, but otherwise I'd have some sympathy with the customer. I hate the self-checkout machines too, and I prefer to scan a potential bag full of stuff before I pack it, rather than bag things one at a time as the machine expects.

The machines do no favours for staff either; it just means the shop wants to employ even less of you, to increase its profits.

I'd rather pay a few pence more to cover the cost of proper service.


Self-checkouts suck. They are far slower than the cashiers, because they have to dumb them down for the stupidest people, and make them theft-resistant for the NATs. This results in them taking 5x as long as a cashier so IMHO they don;t really save any money for the store.

My local chain grocery, let's call them "HUGE", is open 24 hours, and I love to shop in the middle of the night when the store is empty. Unfortunately, this usually means the only open lanes are the self-checkout ones. If you have a lot of items, it is next to impossible to use them, because there is simply not enough space to put all your groceries on the scale by the time you finish. Among other issues.

I went shopping last night. The guy was up front to monitor the lanes so i asked him to ring me thru a normal register. Took 5 minutes, the self-scan would have taken me 20 for how slow it works. >_<


Impatient and emotionally underdeveloped people have no business being near ANY checkout.

I use the self-checkouts myself whenever they're available, as I am intimately familiar with how they work given my one-plus year of Wal-Mart experience and the fact that grocery stores don't seem to really teach people proper bagging anymore. They're quicker and easier (for me, anyway) unless there's some type of technical issue or I'm buying, say, an R-rated movie or Super Glue. Surprisingly, the biggest headaches from the self-checkouts for me have been the cashiers responsible for monitoring them - mainly wandering away and chatting up the people at the 20 Items or Less lines instead of paying attention to prompts on their screen or those flashing red lights when someone needs help. Stupid crustys who don't know how to use the self-checkouts are one thing, but negligent employees really burn my bacon (mainly because in my time at Wal-Mart, when I was assigned to them, I never left the 2x2 area behind that screen unless it was absolutely necessary).


Put me down on the self check out haters. If only because when buying seeds at Home Depot you have to have assistance as the packages are too light to register when you bag them.

Not that the lady isn't in the wrong. But I had to get that out there.


I wouldn't have reset the scan for her. I would have directed her to put the damn item where it clearly says to.

A few days ago a mother with 3 kids came through easy scan. They had about 10 items. The mother scanned an item, placed it in the bag and immediately took it off the scale. Her son who looked about 10 then has to tell her that the item has to stay on the scale. She does "reallly?!?". So she places the item back on the scale which made the beeping noise stop. Then she placed her wallet on the scale and the machine told her to remove the last item on the scale. At this point she became soo confused and annoyed that I had to reluctantly interfere.

For those people who have gigantic orders at self scan and run out of room, couldn't you just have multiple transactions? Of course I don't mean for those people who are taking advantage of the stores double coupon policy and whatnot. That's another story..


I like the self scans if I'm only getting a few things or there's a line everywhere else. Though last time I used one it took about 10 minutes because some nimrod was letting their asshole kid run around and it kept climbing on the scale, thus fucking up my transaction. I felt bad for the self check out clerk cause she looked like 14 and was too timid to say anything to the kid/parent after watching the kid tell me to fuck off when I asked her to quit climbing on the scale.

The Last Archimedean

Nocturne, that's when you backhand the kid across the face -- not hard enough to injure but hard enough to get their attention.


I prefer self scan myself - but I think I'm pretty computer (and interface) literate. I was with an older co-worker who got irrationally angry at the self checkout which made me realize that, yeah, asking the general public to use a machine they aren't trained on might just be a bad idea. Might explain why it takes an unresonably long time for some people to figure out how to use the Redbox. It gets so bad, I stopped using the service since I don't have that much time to wait just to drop off a movie.


Eh, personally, TLA, when someone has a kid running lose like that I prefer to say loudly, "You need a spanking you brat!" I've yet to have a parent yell at me about it. Usually they get embarrassed and/or scared and run off.

Course I've only so far done it in dark movie theatres where parents are letting their kids run wild/talk loudly while the movie is playing. So possibly in the dark since I have a voice that easily carries (16 years of singing lessons will do that for you) I might sound scarier than I look.


Any self-scan I've ever used allows you to move the bags off the bagging area if you give it a few seconds. The screen prompts you to scan, then prompts you to bag. If you leave the bag alone and wait for the prompt to go back to scan, you can then lift the bag off the bagging area and put it back in your cart and continue scanning & bagging. You can't self-scan as fast as a trained cashier on a regular register, but if you don't try to get ahead of it you can move right along.

(And yeah, this woman needs an attitude adjustment in a big way. Someone needs to tell her to put on her big girl panties and act like a grown up.)


I've never been a fan of self-scan. I'm just not that coordinated. It's just better if someone bags it for me, loads it in the cart and then I can get it home... at least it was in the old days. Now it's better f they can get it to the end of the counter so I can load it in my granny cart so I can get it to the bus stop. I hate running kids. I've started using the line, "Yanno, my DOG is better behaved than you!", and they just stare. Then I flip up my drool/shed towel on my bag that shows a patch that says, "STARING IS RUDE" and walk off.

Book Baby

Humor_Me, I agree! BOTH of my dogs (hell, even my CAT) has better manners than many people.

As for self check, I despise them. Most of the places that have them charge a lot for stuff already.

We have a self check at my library. I would say half of the time, I have to stop what I am doing (helping tow or more other people) to walk someone through it. time saver Nope. Nuh uh.


I love the self check, myself. I want to get in, get my shit, and get out. I don't want an 'experience'. I use the regular registers if I have a full cart of stuff (And I am perfectly polite and nice to the slaves), but being demophobic, I prefer just to do it and get it done.

If people would just read the stupid screen, it tells them precisely what to do when. I get in and out as fast as a normal lane, myself. I scan something and stick it in the bag (or if it's too big, on the scale next to the bags) so it can weigh it to make sure, and while it does that I'm picking up the next item that is going in the bag. By the time I've got the next item ready to go, it's done weighing the previous one and ready to scan. The only thing I ever have problems with are 12 packs of soda because they have to be stood on end to fit the scale, and if the scale's not level they lean and the weight is off. The girl who is most commonly at the register for problems has told me a couple of times that I could give classes in how to use them. :P Would be a very short class. "What does it say on the screen? Do that."

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