Retail Hell Underground: LA Restaurant Offers 5% Discount To Eat Without Your Phone

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Like hell I'm going to leave a $500 phone with a receptionist. What's to stop me from just keeping it in a pocket and saying I don't have it?


Personally, I don't care if someone is talking on their phone in a restaurant. Talking is talking. How is talking on a phone worse than talking to another person at your table? If the concern is the handful of people who are LOUD on the phone, I guarantee they are just as loud having a conversation in person. If I want to talk on my phone while I wait for my food, get over it. As far as texting goes, big deal. Would you get upset about someone reading a book or newspaper at the table? No, so get over that, too.


If only there were a way to get people to stop constantly checking their phones in any other social situations. This is a brilliant idea. To those who seem upset by this idea go fuck yourselves then come back to the post and read it again. It says it is optional not mandatory you fucking halfwits. Also yes it is rude to talk on your phone in a restaurant, as whether or not you realize it or will admit to it you talk louder on the phone than you do in person. It is also incredibly rude to ignore the person you are dining with to ignore them while texting or calling other people. I don't care if they 'don't mind' it's still rude. I'm not generally too big on politeness but to me this about basic respect of another individual not manners.

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