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You're so very welcome! ^_^


The most you can do is just ask if they would like to apply for the card. If you get into the habit it of saying it at the beginning of your greeting, you'll soon be saying it without even realizing. If they say no, just say okay, thank you and move on. I'm sure if your manager(s) realize that you are at least trying you should be okay.

Good luck! And sorry to hear about your car. That has to really suck.

Legal Minion

We had to ask at Old Navy. Hated it, but I got into the habit of it. Most regular customers will realize you HAVE to ask, and not be terribly pissed/offended.


A piece of advice for the car; a junkyard will generally sell you a replacement window and some tires with enough tread to get you through until you can afford a new set. I had that happen to me and was able to get my car rain-resistant and driving again on $130. I had to remove the window from the junked car and install it in mine myself, but it wasn't hard. The Haynes manual has instructions.

If you elect to go this route, I'd wear something relatively feminine and snug for a top with some very scruffy and loose pants, neither of which you don't mind getting dirty, as there was a significant discount from the junkyard guys due to my adorable mechanic-girl look and cheerful attitude. The goal is to look like Gadget from 'Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers' or Kaylee from 'Firefly.' It's a great look for those of us ladies who shop at Lanie B's and know how to rock the Cacique like a car-fixing, work-doing get-shit-done Wrench Wench. You'd be amazed how many of us curvy girls there are in the DIY car-repair community, and how admired we are by men, women and the random ladies we rescue when their cars break down upside the road.

And as for the charge card, what worked well for me was mentioning it along the lines of "I should let you know, we do have a {store} credit card that lets you save some money and get invitations to our special card-member sales, so if you feel like applying, just let me know. My manager really loves it when we get to welcome a new member." Make it sound like a secret curvy-girls club, and lower your voice a little and lean in as you mention it, as if you're inviting the customer into your special clique. Considering what the typical customers of your store have likely experienced socially, the subliminal resemblance to being invited to the cool girls' table might be enough to get some of them to apply. And if they aren't interested, just smile and say "That's okay. If you have an email address, I bet I can get you the sale invites anyway," which helps your email-capture rate. (Our management at Seared Redneck & Company was NUTS about email-capture.)

Best of luck at the new job!

Care Plan Pimp

Just start the question by telling them the perks of the card, don't only ask if they want it.

"Do you want to get 15 dollars off your purchase today? You can get our card and it only takes a few minutes."

Avoid saying the word credit, or the name of the credit provider.

You'll get used to the guilty feeling, although it still kills me asking old people sometimes.


Glad to see you back and glad that things are better!

The Last Archimedean

Congrats on the new job.

Sorry about your car.

Glad your medication is helping. If I lived closer I'd suggest you hang out with me on bad days and just vent to me until you feel better. Hopefully you have a friend who can play that role for you.

Bets of luck. We RHU'ers are all supporting you.

Bitch Boy

Care Plan Pimp got it in one. Never mention the word "credit".


” are you aware of our store card?”. If they say yes or no, then it's a quick, ” are you integrated in applying?”


I hate those credit cards that stores carry and push on all the folks who shop there, but I still recoginize that the poor sap behind the register has no options about pushing it. Best of luck.


I've never been bothered by them asking about the card, I never saw it as a big deal.

"Do you have a store card?"
"Are you interested in one?"

And just move on really.

Fortune Cookie

Oooh, that place sounds like a great work place. Except for the card. But you'll figure it out :)


Super glad you've found an awesome job and good medication!

Versatile Vegetarian

I'm glad to see you back, and I want you to know that you are not alone. I was diagnosed with BP2 about 6 years ago. *hugs* There's more of us out there than people realize, and there's lots of support available.

NC Tony

Glad you're back, Red!

Future Teacher

It sounds like you work at the sister store of a store I worked at over the summer,and I absolutely hated pushing the card and the membership. Unfortunately, if I'm right, you really don't have an option on the card because not meeting your card quotas can lead to grounds for termination. It really sucked because the branch I worked at, 95% were regulars, so they either already had the card or knew the benefits and still didn't want the card. But we were still required to open at least one card a day, and carry over any we didn't open to our next shift.

The Last Archimedean

Speaking as someone who has multiple brain-related conditions [in my case, Asperger's/depression], I know how important a support network is. We'll all be your support, Red -- and best of luck!


I'm pretty sure I work at your sister store. I have moral issues asking our customers to open a card, too, and my manager really helped. She told me I could CHOOSE to ask them based on how much they spent. If they went over $150, for example, you can ask because opening a card really will save them money. If not then it's your choice and if you don't feel comfortable asking the 19-year-old who came in for a pair of socks, you don't have to.

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