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The Last Archimedean

OK... that's just ridculous.


Yeah, I don't think anyone would have gotten that crap done in 40 minutes even though the clothes appear to be folded.


Meh, shit happens. Also: *now.


As a fellow Old Gravy slave, your organizational skills make my head hurt. Protip: Sort clothes as you process them so it makes running for you AND your fellow associates easier! Since you're hogging all the carts, there's no excuse not to put the jeans in one section and fundamentals/vintage/etc in its own pile.


Oh yes it was all folded. Ace, there was SO MUCH to process, it was near impossible to sort, even as I went. And I didn't hog all the carts until the end after the store was closed so other associates could use them for recovery. The carts were sorted by department afterward. There was no other room for it all and no way to organize as I processed, and since I was alone, if I ran anything, it would have been backed up and would have taken longer to close. Luckily, the closing manager that night was awesome and she let us out at 9pm even though it wasn't finished.


Plus, my workers kept bringing me additional crap from around the store and the quick change rooms, only adding to the load I already had.

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