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Kryss LaBryn

Ugh, bored kids. As a mum myself, I know how horrible that is for all concerned.

I manage to keep my kids entertained when there's no toys or what about by making a "little man" out of my fingers (or sometimes two little men) and taking them for walks around their and my arms and things; the kids have a great time shoving them off and watching them have to clamber back up again. Or sometimes he's stuck and they have to lift him to safety. It keeps them (and me) entertained, still, and reasonably quiet (and at least any noises are happy ones, not cranky ones, although I try to keep them at a reasonable level) for an astonishing length of time, and has saved my butt on more than one occasion.

Little men! Turn your fingers into little men who go and ask the kid if they've seen their brother, or their dog, or the big spider, or whatever else you can do with your other hand. Works miracles.

Burger Bitch

My mum always carried shit around for me so I wouldn't get bored. But my mum also isn't a complete moron and if I acted out that way in public, I knew for sure I'd be getting my ass handed to me later.


I have a mixed bag of toys, food, books, and of course, I also have videos on my phone.

My son is ” special” in that he got frequent ear infections. My husband wasn't able to be there, so he'd send videos and I'd ONLY play them at the doctor. Guess who let the doctor check his inflamed little ears without fuss? That's right! My little heavenspawn.

The Last Archimedean

Ugggh. I remember a couple years ago taking my then 6-year-old son and his 1-year-old brother in for flu shots. We had to wait for 80 minutes. I ended up having to promise them juice afterwards [they normally get only water] and even then they were both on the verge of becoming the Devil's own kids when we were finally called.

Thankfully, the other people in the room were understanding. I had brought toys, told stories, had big brother act as a tunnel for little brother to crawl under, had them climb on my shoulders to "see what Daddy can see" when we looked out the window, everything.


I'm sure this happens to lots of parents there, so I'm surprised the clinic (or wherever you were getting the shots at) didn't have some kids' toys or books on hand.

I remember being at the doctor's office once when there was a kid like this--not really bratty, just legitimately bored, and the mom was legitimately doing her best to take care of him. But the only way he'd sit still was when she was showing him pictures in a preschool-age magazine, supplied by the doctor's office.


This is how I know I shouldn't be a parent. I get the almost uncontrolable urge to laugh when little kids cry. I really don't know why it strikes me as hilarious but it does. I have never been bothered by it and woul definitely be understanding in that situation. No doubt very few people wanted to be there and at least the kid could cry for all of them.

Book Baby

Man, am I glad I have Kaiser insurance1 We were in and out of the shot clinic in UNDER A MINUTE!


i can understand to a point. seriously though, the mom should have done more to keep him quiet while you all were waiting in line. i can usually tune wailing children out, but some have "hollow point" screams that pierce thru whatever walls you've built up to ignore them.

we had one such child in our store this afternoon. he was in one of those double strollers in the front and knocking all sorts of things down and screaming at the to of his lungs. his creator barely did anything. she practically ignored him. i told my boss that it sounded like someone needed a nap. she said that it sounded like someone needed spanked. i told her that too.

had i been his mom, i'dve taken him straight home and he would have been in serious trouble. such a shame that people call CPS if you even snort the wrong way at a joke your child tells.

The Worst

My niece and nephew are old enough to behave themselves now, but when they were little I'd always let them play angry birds on my phone when they started getting antsy. They were really good at sharing (and watching the other one play and offering unsolicited advice on how to get that pesky pig) so it was never a problem. I got so used to it that now when I'm at the doctor or waiting in a long line and a kid starts acting up, I just hand over my phone. Parents thank me, but they should be thanking the creators of Angry Birds. I sure do!

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