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The Last Archimedean

I don't care how much medication he was on. The store had closed 20 MINUTES BEFORE.

Unless the medication made him unable to read signs and comprehend spoken English, he should have just drove off in search of a McFastFood that was open. And if the medication did have those effects he shouldn't have been allowed outide his house.

That temper tantrum just cost him 7 years. Hope you enjoy prison, stupid.


Ooohhh he was on medication.......oooohhhh maybe he had a Hard childhood, too

Oooohhhh my antidepressant doesn't work today so i hurt somebody, i'll be a bullet to all retail slaves today


I wish people would stop trying to use mental illness as an excuse for comitting crimes. Just because the dude was on meds doesn't repair the window or un-attack the employees.


I'm so fricking sick and tired of people using "oh my meds" and "oh, I'm mentally ill" so I can get away with x and x. Yes I will admit someone can have a very bad reaction to meds and it *can* make them blackout or do crazy things.

However I've been following this story from the beginning when I first heard about it. My gut feeling as an ARNP is his meds/mental illness had very little, if anything to do with it.

He was just wanting KFC to eat. He was pissed the store closed down 20 minutes earlier and refused service. So instead of finding another KFC that was open, waiting until the next day when that store reopened or went some where else to get his chicken/fast food fix, he threw a temper tantrum.

He could have seriously injured or killed one of the fast food slaves or pigs that came after him. Glad they took him off the streets.

I just hope during the time he's in the pokey he gets the mental health treatment he apparently desperately needs.


Sweet Ceiling Cat, you'd think someone on 13 fucking medications for anxiety would be a little calmer!


@ Wmdkitty - LOL


I have a feeling that if this guy had not turned on the cops he would have gotten a slap on the wrist. It seems as if it is ok to assault retail workers. But not anyone else. You go out on the street and verbally/physically assault a stranger you get punished or a lawsuit; you do the same to a retail slave you get a high five from your friends and the cops could care less.

sorry. just feeling really bitter this morning.


Perky, I also noticed that the sentencing was due to attacking the cops, and not the KFC workers, and agree with you, that's really wrong!


People are becoming more bitter, and yes, using mental illness/being on medications as an excuse to do whatever they want. The funny thing is, I have some regulars at my job who are actually handicapped, and they are the sweetest, nicest people ever! Custies need to realize that throwing temper tantrums and "getting big", as I like to call it, only makes them look like a douche and more than likely will make us slaves disappear when they show up(if we can)!

Queer Geek

Gee I have a mental illness! Maybe I can use that excuse to beat the shit of this guy?


I thought the exact same thing, Wmdkitty - 13 medications for anxiety didn't cool this freak down? How bad is his anxiety? o.O

His charges should be more than assault on an officer, it should be one count of assault for each employee he threatened/nearly injured. Perky is right, assaulting a retail slave seems to be the "trendy" thing to do these days. It's truly disgusting.

Also, if the store was closed, weren't the doors locked? What kind of idiot finds out that the doors to an establishment are locked and still feels entitled to service? They're CLOSED, douchenozzle! Get your chicken fix somewhere else!

Banned Guy

7 years, are you serious? Dude... He wanted to be served after they had closed, drove into the front of the store, tried to attack someone with a freaking metal pole, ran away from the place, rammed into other cars and tried to get away by menacing the police with i can only consider as a biological weapon. And yet, he only got 7 years in jail?
Honestly, all i can do is hope that someone in there will give him the beating he so deserves.

NC Tony

I'm sure some asshole manager in the KFC has "convinced" (read: threatened) the employees not to press charges against this asshat. I'm just waiting for the day I hear about some poor retail/fast food slave snapping and holding a manager and several crustys hostage, refusing to let them go until their demands that all retail/fast food slaves get treated better by the corporate dipshits of the world. Or better yet, holding the corporate dipshits hostage.


I agreed with the he's on 13 medications and he still went ballistic over a bucket of chicken?
I think we can put him in the asshole who just happens to have anxiety category.

Although I don't agree that 7 year is insufficient considering that's close to the average sentence a rapist gets in the UK (8 years).


I think by the time your 'don't listen to the voices' drugs are hitting the double digits, it's time for your doctor to think about WALLS rather than more pills.

The Last Archimedean

Rapists only get 8 years in England?! That's nuts.

Forcible [as opposed to statutory] rape should be a life sentence w/o parole. Period.


7 years in jail? Can we ship that judge over to Canada? I'll pay the airfare both ways. Here in Calgary, Canada some a-hole kills his girlfriend's baby and only gets 3 years. Literally getting away with murder:


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