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Mrs. Lovett

Alright, Debbie, in the interest of fairness, I'm going to call you Slagathor."

Love it!!!

Also, gotta love the doctor. It can't possibly be his fault or his mistake, and he has to immediately threaten to go over your head and talk to your supervisor! Jerk!

Queer Geek

Just because this ass finished med school doesn't make a decent human being. He's still an ass!

The Last Archimedean

"Expert": A person who knows more and more about less and less.

Apparently this doctor is so "expert" in whatever his specialty is he forgot to keep stored in his brain elementary computer skills.

As for personality, I've seen enough doctors in my time to know it's a crapshoot. Some of them are arrogant arsewipes, some of them are incredibly nice. I don't even mind an arrogant arsewipe if he's like Dr. House and KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING medically, but if that's combined with also being incompetent at his job it's a very bad combo [ran into that when I broke my wrist many many years ago, the first doctor was an arrogant jackass AND he set my wrist wrong, luckily I broke my cast after 2 weeks and re-broke my wrist, the second doc I got set it CORRECTLY and was also a nice guy.]


Just remember: the difference between God and a doctor is that God dosen't think he's a doctor. If you've ever worked in the medical field, that one never gets old.


I wish doctors got some actual useful training in hospital computer systems. Most of them get a grand total of two hours of computer training when they start at a new place (if that), and the vast majority of that time is spent teaching the doctors how to do things they will never do. I have had trouble with more frustrated doctors who have had essentially no training on the tasks they are expected to do.
That being said, the doctor did not need to be an ass to you. It is not your fault that he did not get the training he needed. And if he spends enough time playing with the system he should be able to figure a lot of things out.


Working with pre-med students is so, so painful. In Canada med school admission is based on interpersonal skills as well as test scores so it's not too bad, but a few assholes get through. Most of the time the arrogant ones' heads deflate after a few years of medical practice.

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