Retail Hell Underground: Gym Gives Alien Warning

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The Last Archimedean

That's not how I heard it. I always thought they'd eat the skinny blondes first.


^Nah, too much gristle. It's the office workers who need to watch out, being stuck in a cubicle all day turns you into human veal.


Heh. When I worked for the Big Blue HAL, there was someone who had a picture on the wall... 'Veal Pen: 10x4'. Office cubicle: 6x6'"


I guess they must be Spider Robinson fans.

The Singing Library Clerk

Nah, the aliens are vegetarians. They're going to use the fatties for breeding stock, which we won't mind so much as they're awesome and attentive in bed, and they'll use the physically fit as slave labor.

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