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Hellbound Alleee

I pity those poor children. May they be taken away from her by the state and given to some nice gay couple.


Good on ya for tripping that bitch. Childish? Maybe, but it got your point across. Rude people are one thing; coked-out, inattentive meth heads are another entirely.

Fortune Cookie

Love it. It's not childish at all because you didn't stand in her way and she fully-frontal slammed into you. I would have paid to see your win :)

The Last Archimedean

I'd have done the same thing. You're entitled to the spot you're standing on, and if she comes flying around the corner without looking and slams into you it's no one's fault but her own.


That is seriously kick ass it's just a shame it would be illegal for you to taze her. I imagine a meth head would be extra funny when being tazed.

Slave of Arch

Awesome reaction. Just wish you didn't have to injure yourself in the process ):


i agree with hellbound.
someone should take those children from her before she starts making them whore themselves out for money to feed her addiction.
and i know lots of awesome LGBT people who would LOVE kids.

NC Tony

Too bad you couldn't time it so that you could stick your foot out and snag her ankles and make her fall on her face. THAT would have been funny, but what you did was good enough. I had the picture in my head of all the meth addicts I see on shows like Cops and Las Vegas Jailhouse to picture this bitch.

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