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The Last Archimedean

My boys can do whatever the hell they want... starting the day they turn 18. At that point I just have to hope me, their mom, their aunt, my parents, and everyone else who's been involved in raising them managed to implant common sense and intelligence into their heads. [I think we're doing a good job so far.]

BUT... until that day, if I hear that something they want has a chance of killing them, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT getting it.


You can die from bleeding out if that tongue vein is hit, though it apparently takes a while. Still, problems can occur, like in this article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1271239/Tongue-piercing-ruptures-vein-leaving-schoolgirl-needing-surgery.html

Plus with some of the other issues that tongue piercings can bring about, I'd say that kid should just get some ear lobe piercings instead.

Though I have to wonder if she was part of some group to want a tongue piercing at fifteen. In my high school, it was practically a tradition for any female cheerleader that turned sixteen to get a navel piercing and/or a second ear piercing.

NC Tony

I had a tongue piercing, granted I got it when I was 25, I only took it out a few years ago due to a horrendous amount of dental surgery I needed done. I never had any problems with it, but I was warned beforehand about the problems that could occur. Like I said though, never had any problems. I just can't believe someone would hear "This could kill you." and still say "Do it anyway!"


"Ma'am, do you know WHY the tongue piercing is so popular? It's because of oral sex. So I want you to think really, really hard. Do YOU want to envision a man's penis in your daughter's mouth for the rest of her days, or until she removes the piercing and lets it heal over? Also, tongue piercings bang and clink against her teeth every time she talks. Her dentist will be putting caps and crowns on all her teeth by the time she's 30. Kiss thousands of dollars worth of dental work down the drain. Think about it."

Yeah I don't even have my ears pierced, largely because 1) I am sensitive to pain and a big frippin wuss to it, no matter how tiny the "pinch", and 2) if I poke a fucking hole in myself, I cry like a little girl, get the neosporin and put a band aid on it!

Queer Geek

I'm glad the tat artist stuck to his guns and told him that he could not pierce anyone due to health reasons. This mom and daughter are morons. If they go to a less than reputable person, I can guarantee you that the hellspawn if going to have health problems down the line.


Not only can you hit a huge vein, you could also hit a huge nerve. If that nerve is damaged, you could lose the ability to talk and eat properly. Then there is the infection. Humans put a lot in their mouths. Food particles can get trapped and cause bacteria to grow in a place that is, again, dangerously close to a major nerve and blood vessel. The girl was an idiot and probably just needs to see some piercing horror stories before changing her mind. Her mom need to be hit over the head repeatedly by a clue by 4.


My mom got my ears pierced before it was technically allowed. She told whoever did it that I was 6 months old, but I was really 3 months. (guessing I was a bit of a chunk) Bot those are the only piercings I have. I can't even wear those cheap earrings because the make my ears itch like crazy.
I wouldn't get my tongue pierced either. The girl would have to take it out for any job she'd want to get, and I know its against dress code at my work. If she wants a piercing, go with the naval, nose, eyebrow, or extra ones in the ear. Hell, she could get her no-no pierced, I think, as long as it doesn't hit any major nerves or veins.
But if its something she wants to do when she turns 18, thats her choice and good luck to her.


I have my tongue pierced. Got it about a year and a half ago. There are some misconceptions here, it doesn't click against your teeth unless you actively do that, not when you talk. Trust me, I'm a short person myself, so if it's gonna happen- it'd happen to me. Also, I work with customers on a daily basis, and i've had coworkers who haven't noticed unless i stick my tongue out at them, and for a few of them, they'd been working with me for a few months before they even noticed. I also haven't had many dental problems since then, and really, my only problems are when i'm not paying attention, a ball comes off, and i risk swollowing it- happened a few times.

THAT BEING SAID....if my tongue was messed up, totally wouldn't do it. No piercing is worth risking your health. That is all. :P


The refusal from the tattoo guy would´t have heal those stupids tussis from their wish to have the tongue of the daughter pierced, but why is it necessary to throw such a tantrum.

The tattoo guy say no, so they can go to another place.


Those guys need to get a huge pair of rusty dangerous looking calipers. Then when idiots like this come in they can explain that they don't want to taint the good tools with death and bring out the calipers.


a blood stained woodblock, a rusty nail and huge hammer.


@photoslave: Yes a nerve could be hit but that is more then unlikely as there are also people who get their tonguesplit (I got mine split a year ago) and had no effect on my speech or taste.

A tonguepiercing also does not constantly hit your teeth (unless you are an idiot and play with it) so dental work is not really needed after you get it. I had mine for years and no complaints from my dentist, i just had mine replaced for a tonguesplit after :D


It's likely they'll try to go somewhere else, but...I'm not sure how far they will get elsewhere. One of the employees actually called all the local shops that does piercings and told them what happened. (Small area, only about 3 other shops in a 25 mile circle, that I know of.) Whether the other places want to risk it, that's on them. But I know some other artists at some of the other shops have at one point all worked together. (Like I said, small area lol.)


I worked at a tattoo shop one summer. The piercer was pretty strict about his own refusal to do some piercings to anyone under the age of 16, parental permission or not.
So one day mom brings in her Paris Hilton lookalike and says she's there to get her the piercings she wanted. Boss asked for ID from both of them and they hemmed and hawed for ages. It took 15 minutes, but when he learned the girl was 13, he sent them away while the daughter threw a lovely little stomping tantrum out the door.
She was there to get her nipples pierced.
Also had a mom get pissed because she let her barefoot toddler climb on the coffee table and all over the shop. His feet were filthy, so we had to take 40 minutes to wipe the whole place down, and the boss kept telling her that, God forbid, he had dropped a used needle and not noticed or if the kid had any tiny cut in his feet she was risking him getting all kinds of infections and diseases. When she didn't listen he finally told her she had to leave and not to come back without a babysitter, since holding her kid and putting shoes on him was apparently too hard.


In their defense, the mom/spawn pair probably didn't believe them. I'm going to assume they just figured she couldn't get pierced because she was underage/trashy/whatever. These days nobody listens or cares, they just think "prejudiced! . This coming from a girl who got her tongue (and eventually nipples) pierced at 16 on St. Marks place at maybe 16. :)


Also! Got my first tattoo at 16, and as shit goes, it scabbed and mostly peeled off. I went to get it fixed a few months afterward, knowing the (piercing) law in NY was 16 with a parent.. Apparently it wasn't the same for tattoos, so I had to live with a total mess in an obvious place until my 18th birthday. I was kind of upset, but have to respect that.


I wouldn't get my tongue pierced for fear of swallowing it. Also, I'm a big pansy, and my ears are sensitive, so I can't imagine how sensitive my tongue would be. Seriously, I wear a pair of cheap-ass $1 earrings for two hours and my ears itch and crust over for two days afterwards. I'm not taking my chances with other parts of my body reacting the same way, especially not my tongue.


*shudders* Ugh my tongue is all squeamish after reading all this. I got my ears pierced the first time when I was 12 and I absolutely could not handle it. Couldn't take them out or put them in. So after two years I let them close up. The ironic thing is I am such an earring whore. Earrings are my favorite kind of jewelry. So when my sister turned 12 and got her ears pierced (I guess 12 is the rule in our house) I went and had mine re-pierced. I can totally handle them now but I'm not interested in having anything else pierced... though at one point I had a bizarre craving for a nose piercing.

Anyway, I've become gradually more sensitive to cheap earrings as time goes on. I also try not to wear heavy ones lest it stretch the hole out.

Oh, also I had no idea about that vein thing. *shudder*


Mollywobbles- bodypiercing jewelry (should be) surgical grade stainless steel. Cheap earrings.. Well even my ears that I've had pierced close to 30 years hate them still! Thankfully that as long as the piercing isn't being rejected, the body is pretty much cool with SSS.


Espinaca: most people with reactions are allergic to nickel, and surgical steel still has nickel in. So that probably won't solve the problem!

Ideally, body jewellery should be titanium. In fact, the European Nickel Directive says it's illegal to use steel for initial piercing, although obvious this only applies in Europe.


@ Framer-Fatale Seriously a 13 year old baby girl wanted her nipples pierced, AND her mother was okay with that? My mind is now blown.

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