Retail Hell Underground: Vandalism or Truth In Advertizing, Finally?

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"Nieuw" is Dutch. This was likely taken in the Netherlands.


The only thing that was altered was the W in Wrap, to spell Crap. Yup, Nieuw is indeed Dutch. So no, many of them don't speak any English. Which is just fine. Once again, a poster on this site has shown themselves to be an ignorant ass when it comes to our friends in Europe. -_-'


That's Dutch, you moron. And though I probably shouldn't expect you to know many words in foreign languages, to assume a word is misspelled instead of from another language is not just ignorant, it's stupid.

The Last Archimedean

The "McCrap" part is accurate enough... I haven't eaten there in a couple of decades, even when I get fats food I refuse to get it from there [In'N'Out Burger is MUCH better]...

The Last Archimedean

*fast* food... my fingers made a Freudian slip...


TLA~ No, you were right....fats food it is indeed. ;)


To ask if this is just Vandalism is entitled. Vandalism would leave only destruction. This is a Good example for irony not to mention The stupid rant how nieuw was spelled.


Newsflash, other languages exist.


Yeah... even without being very familiar with Dutch, I could tell which language it was. Did the submitter really think someone speaking English spelt new like that?

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