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The Last Archimedean

I once received a Couch Potato Award from Spuds Do Little, chairman of the Couch Potato Committee.

But, thankfully, I will never be eligible for this one. Although I know a few crustys I'd like to give one to...


i posted a story earlier today on FB about a bitch i dealt with last night. she ABSOLUTELY needs this award!


May I order a full case of these?

NC Tony

These should be slipped into the bag of every customer on Black Friday... and pretty much every other day for all the crusties we have to deal with.


We shoudl all get a stack of these to hand out to folks that somehow fucking need to go shopping on Thanksgiving. Just imagine the look of shock and indignity on the face of the pieces of shit who feel that a bargain is more important than a retail slaves chance to spend time with their family.

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