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Ambassador Sparkle

I just have this image, the guy goes to open on Black Friday, hours after the big name stores, knowing he'll get pretty much nothing today. Why would he? He's a small businessman in a Big Business world. He gets to his little shop, probably operated entirely by family, and he sees a line around the corner.

And everyone buys something! This was probably like Christmas came early for this guy. A funny prank for everyone watching, but a really touching gift for the owner.


Those are the types of pranks I like to see. No one is hurt, and the small business owner profits.


Dude, these people were awesome! There's not much more that can be said!


Before I watched the video, I was assuming it was as group like Improv Everywhere. I love them, the "pranks" they pull are relatively harmless and frequently benefit some random stranger, in this case the small business owner.
If I lived in NYC, I'd join then as often as possible! You can't help but appreciate someone who goes out of their way to help a stranger, even if it's meant to be a joke!

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