Retail Hell Underground: Disgusting Custys and the Case Of Some Flung Poo

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Some Flung Poo would be a great name for a monkey in a Chinese zoo.


So...does this mean that the shit just hit the fan?


The ceiling? *boggles*

@Spritzy -- *snorfle* Well played!


OP here, happened again a few days after this...all over the seat...the floor...and the wall...the worst part...i hear it wasn't...uhm....put there with human hands...I've also found messy undies in the sanitary napkin container in the women's room (i wasn't looking on purpose! i was putting my own pad in there...)

Hellbound Alleee

I assume most people here know I am an honorary Quebecois, and have a Quebecois family. They also know I am extremely outspoken against bias.

Please look up the definition of "confirmation bias." Learn it, live it, love it.


Why would any one put poop somewhere outside a toilet on purpose? 0.o


See, whenever something really fucked up (i.e. shit on ceiling) happens it's usually the men's, but standard messes (shit sprayed up the back of the toilet, sink vomit) are more common in the women's. I thought it was because there are more older women than older men and they can't always help it, or because 9/10 times little kids are with their moms, but it really freaks me out that otherwise normal people do this.

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