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The Last Archimedean


What is wrong with people these days?

If I had enough money to go on a trip and stay in a hotel you can be dawggone sure I would keep the room neat, be courteous to the staff and pay my bill. Guess being honest has been bred out of certain scumbags' genes.

Benjamin Kissell

Sadly, The Last Archimedean, class and courtesy as well as couth and non-crassness have indeed been bred-out.

It's not like she was paying all that much for the room, all things considered. But, did her cheap-ass, weave-having [yes, my housekeeper was LAUGHING at her crap-tastic weave].

Of course, my response/revenge wasn't the most classy, either.

I mean, what would Emily Post say in a situation like this?


How did they even end up with a room key without being properly checked in and verified with their credit card?

NC Tony

You should have done all three. Called them and tell them you were getting your lawyers involved, call the credit card company and report the card as stolen and write the number on a seedy rest stop bathroom wall.

Benjamin Kissell

@ Spritzy - Sadly, that was a gaffe on my Night Auditor's part; she checked them in, but the computer bounced them and they didn't end up being checked into the computer. Sadly, stuff like that happens all-too often. Whereas, my co-worker *Flaming DoucheWaffle* regularly screws things up on rates and gives rooms to friends for super-low prices.

@ NC Tony - I actually did leave a voicemail of the sort and 2 days later the credit card report came through that the card had been cancelled. Whether it was cancelled because of over-spending or fraudulence, they won't tell us.

And a bathroom wall was the original route, instead ... I went for the ultimate bathroom wall: Craigslist. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

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