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I've noticed that the bell ringers, and just charity people in general seem to get more predatory every year. When I was a kid they'd just ring their bell and smile, now they force you to stop and speak to them, or be the douchebag who is dashing past with eyes averted while the bell ringer yells at you with a huge sugary sweet grin.

Once last year at the mall I had just given the last of my cash to a hospice charity and was approached by another charity, so I politely declined to donate right then as I had nothing in my purse besides a few pennies.
The person with the change bucket responded with a very cold "Well, Merry Christmas."
I was taken aback. I won't say what organization he was collecting for, but I will say he was a member of that organization, members of this organization are undoubtedly honorable and heroes, but in the moment he did not display very honorable behavior.


The bell-ringers around here are very sweet. I try to stop and say hey even if I don't have any change because it's got to be rough standing out in the cold all night. If I don't have any change I smile and say, "Sorry, somebody else got to me already today!" They usually laugh.

Also, I hate the Lord of the Parking Lot. There is always some jerk who is so damn inconvenienced by all the other people trying to shop. Take a chill pill. If you have money and gas to get groceries, you're doing okay.

And TANK! TANK TANK TANK. If I were to draw him, he would have a cape and a big T on his chest.


If someone is blocking up the lot being an ass waiting for me to pull out, I get in my car and sit there til they leave. I love having books in the car.

Sales Agent Guy

Regarding the woman with the baby in her cart, if she really thinks she's going to get away with suing, she's got another thing coming. Hell, I'd report her to Child Protective Services for letting her kid do something like that while all she does is yak on her cellphone!

As for the parking lot blues, I sympathize... well, sort of. My mother is the one who does all the driving, and while I may only be a passenger, I still get annoyed sometimes. In fact, this is why I'm glad I use the bus/subway/train to get around!

Holiday Hell is already at my store, and I wish all of you slaves the best.


I think the holidays is the only time I enjoy not having a car. I can get in and out faster than anyone else even if it means a cab or the city bus.

I have noticed this week people have even less respect for the express lanes. I had a woman get behind me yesterday with not only a full regular sized cart, but also two hand baskets. I looked at the cashier who I knew in passing and mouthed, "I'm sorry."


with what you did in the parking lot, I love doing that. Its hell trying to find parking this time of year at work. hopefully I have all morning shifts so I'm there before the customers. people even drive the wrong way. (there are arrows pointing which way to go because our parking spaces are slanted) and I was almost hit twice last year because people can't read a goddamn arrow. was almost hit twice a month or so ago, BY THE SAME PERSON in two different parking lanes, because he wasn't following the arrows.

as for the stupid mother and that poor child, I'm sure it was caught on camera what happened, and that both an employee and yourself approached her. its her own fault for not watching the kid and thinking her phone was more important. Hopefully that kid gets put in a home with a more responsible adult

Hopefully the baby didn't use permanent marker on Tanks arm...


re #5, that's when I like to pretend that I forgot something in the store, and walk back in and get coffee or something. My wife on the other hand will climb into the passenger seat, pull out her crochet, and crochet until whoever is waiting gives up.


During the holiday season, if I'm leaving, I usually flag the next driver that passes me circling the lot and point out my vehicle. That usually allows them to wait in a spot that allows me to actually back out of the space.

Last year my wife and I got a ride to our car which was at the other end of the mall by a lady who was circling. It saved her time and she got a decent space. And it save my wife and I huffing it across the lot.


If the parking lot is full to breaking point, I'll gladly hurry for the next person. But there were parking spots open that weren't even that far away. He just wanted mine because it was the first spot. -.-

NC Tony

If I was in the same situation as you described with the parking lot idiot, I would have slowed down considerably. Taken my time to load every bag slowly and carefully, then closed and locked my car, taken the shopping cart to the nearest corral (walking slowly), and maybe even organized any stray carts around it. Slowly walk back to my car, unlock it, get in, adjust the seat belt, adjust the radio station, adjust myself in the drivers seat, and do anything else I could to make it take longer for me to get out of the spot.

On a related note, when I went to the store the other day some asshole was casing the parking lot looking for the best space and saw someone ready to pull out and started baby sitting the spot. A spot opened behind them (as I was pulling up) and once the space was clear the babysitter tried backing up to get to it. I smoothly pulled into the spot. The babysitter got the spot they had been waiting for and gave me a dirty look as they got out of their car. I just ignored them.


Good on you, Karebear, for showing that jerk what's up. I hate lurkers like that, even though I don't drive.

Legal Minion

I hate parking stalkers. Ugh. Drives me nuts. Park somewhere else, seriously.

Hope that poor kid is all right, though!


Christ, hope the kid was OK.

The Last Archimedean

I hope the kid gets taken away from that irresponsible b!tch and given to a family who actually cares about him.

As for the parking, if there are no spots nearby I don't mind if someone is waiting for mine to open up. But if there are other available spaces, I'll deliberately move with the speed of a snail coated in molasses to make the scumbag wait as long as possible.

And Tank is a keeper. I'm just waiting for you to say he bought you an engagement ring [or at least a promise ring.]


Yeah you can just about gaurantee the lady can't sue if you follow her out to the parking lot get her plate number and file a report with CPS. Seeing as how the kid wasn't buckled in and she ignored two warnings that the kid was in danger, she'd have a lot more to worry about than suing a store. Of course it isn't always possible to do that.


Hope the kid is okay, man.


Years ago, I was leaving my shift around five pm at a local department store. As I was getting in my car, I noticed two cars waiting for my spot, one at each end of the aisle. Well, what the fuck!?! I was not going to get smashed by one or both of these assholes trying to zip into my spot once I backed out. So, I turned up the heat, defrosters and radio and lit myself a cigarette and....just sat there. Both of the cars started flashing their lights and laying on the horns. Too fucking bad!!! I believe I sat there a good ten minutes until they both drove away, screaming "fuck you! let's GO!!!"out their windows as they zipped past me. Once they were far enough out of range, I backed out and an elderly couple with lucky timing got my now empty spot. I laughed all the way home. Jackasses.


All the bell ringers up in Minnesota (that I've seen) are very cheery and not aggressive at all. Once I saw a guy playing Christmas tunes on a harmonica. I brought him a hot chocolate.


Fucking lazy people, man. Gotta love watching them drive around the parking lot for half hour instead of parking in the next lot over since walking the extra 50 feet is out of the question. Or worse, hogging the handicapped space or parking in the fire lane because "they'll only be a second"...

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