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Sabriel Jones

Wow talk about sexually harassment, geez some people just don't get the hint eh. Now I don't think you were being a custy, she wasn't doing her job properly; ignoring you and continuing to touch your boyfriend even when he said no. All in all I'm glad that it work out for you guys.


*peers out of the lurker shadows* lets assess this shall we?
1. tank told the waitress TWICE to knock it off and stop touching him
2. she ignored you completely
3. she did not get your order right on purpose
4. tank told her his girlfriend was right there and she kept it up

wanna bet she was fired and she has done this shit before? The plate throw was a bit much, but noting the background info on top of queen slutty mcbitch being herself... yeah why didn't you punch her again? Oh yeah... assault charges suck...

anyways I don't blame you, hell you might have been her last warning and that waitress got fired for it (in a perfect world)


I know this whole site is devoted to helping out the retail slave, but Karebear I don't think you were in the wrong. She was being incredibly rude and callous and the only thing I would've done differently is not put down any money at all (and probably punched her). You weren't being a crusty; you were being a human being. You gave her some chances to improve and she ignored every single one of them. I can understand fishing for tips but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed! That was really inappropriate for her to do at work!

I hope things look up for you soon! I'm praying for you! (And sending hugs and positive thoughts!)


*hugs* while you're reaction wasn't exactly ideal, the waitress totally had it coming and I hope she got fired.


Uh uh, No way, you reaction, while it could have probably been handled a little bit better, was perfectly justified. There are women out there(and men too, I'm sure) who purposely hit on and flirt with men they KNOW are taken. I suspect the SLUTress was one of them. Or just so pathetic and man crazy that she'll hit on anything attractive and male.
A better response would have probably to have been to look at her cooly, with a smirk on your face, and say something along the lines of "You maybe flirting with him now sweetie, but I'm going to be the one f*cking his brains out tonight(or I'm the one who he's f*cking tonight)" something like that. Or if you didn't want to be crude just request another server/see the manager.

Eccentric Lady

Nah, Karebear, won't blame ya at all. But it probably make the lesson stick with the that shoddy waitress if you did floor her literally.

On the other hand, you definitely got a keeper there with Tank!


Don't feel bad, the ho deserved what she got! I would have been up for murder if someone tried that with MY partner. Rest easy, you did nothing wrong.

Arch Guy

That wasn't a crusty moment. That was you being protective of your boyfriend moment. She didn't get any of the hints, so your reaction was totally justified.


big hug dear! You were only being human. You are extremely lucky you have a man like Tank in your life.

Sales Agent Guy

Karebear, if that's a custy moment, then I am Wile E. Coyote! (and for the record I don't order any supplies from Acme... although I bet a lot of the custies I deal with order their brains from there!)

Seriously, she was warned several times, she ignored you and your boyfriend, she even called you a 'cunt?' To me, that's the second worst word in the English language (the worst one I refuse to even mention.)

If she didn't get fired for that, then she must be seducing her fucking manager or something! Hell, I'd probably lay into her with the most vilest obscenities I could think of, and then storm out... all while letting the manager know bluntly what happened.


Without knowing what (if anything) was going on through the waitress' mind? As things stand you sound pretty justified.

Cursing and flipping the bird is a bit much, but there's only so much control a person can be expected to had when they're provoked as you were. Bravo for not punching her out!

PS Why do these situations keep coming your way?


First of all, my condolences for all the shit that has been happening in your life this year. Hubby and I have two friends who have tried twice to conceive and lost both babies. I can't even begin to fathom what that's like.

Second, in no way, shape or form was this a "crusty moment". You and Tank were both absolutely justified in doing every single thing you did, and I admire you for having the clarity in your moment of rage to leave $2 for the plate that was thrown. The stupid bitch a) was touching Tank after being told BY HIM to stop, b) was ignoring you completely, c) probably brought you the wrong order on purpose and d) called you a cunt (a word I've used but never where the crusty could hear me) for reacting the way anyone would react. I have no idea how you didn't floor her, and I completely understand you ripping up those vouchers. As myself and everyone here has said multiple times, you'd better hang onto Tank with everything you've got, because he sounds amazing.
*big hugs to you both*

The Last Archimedean

First: I'm very sorry about everything that happened. Especially the miscarriage. Hopefully that uses up your bad luck for about the next 10 years.

Second: You were completely in the right. That, um, waitress [I can't type the word I really want to use] deliberately tried to provoke both you and Tank be continuing to hit on him, with you present, AFTER HE SAID NO TWICE. What wires are improperly crossed inside her skull, I don't know, but she has a major issue or four to deal with.

Third. You've got a really good man there. Do everything in your power to keep him.

Finally: here are some virtual hugs. [sends hugs] And tell Tank to give you lots of real ones.

Hope crazy things stop happening... at least crazy in a bad way...


Karebear I am so sorry. For the loss of the baby, for the shit this time of year, and as for that BITCH, I probably would have thrown the plate at HER so you for sure didn't have a custy moment. I hope that bitch was fired on the spot!!!
You are not a custy. She's just a fucking worthless bitch. And I'm glad Tank is there for you, you deserve him.

register troll

I want to give my condolences to your loss. I've been there done that, and that bitch got off light if all you did was swear and flip her off. My husband almost had to pick me up n carry me out of the store and I don't have the best temper under normal circumstances. You definitely have a gem in Tank,and I wish you guys happiness and bear hugs. Chin up hon, it'll get better:)


Oh lord, if someone touched my girlfriend, I would have absolutely lost it. I wouldn't have thrown anything, but I would have made the biggest scene possible in the middle of the restaurant and in front of EVERYONE.

And that's before I would go to his/her manager with complaints about sexual harassment.


She's lucky she has a hand. If that had been my guy(who is former military and currently a sheriff)after the first time of being told to back off he'd have likely physically removed her hand from him.

Some people just don't have a clue and are so self observed. Women like that piss me off because they are also the type to crush a guy and keep on walking after she's sucked him dry.

Hospitality Bitch

*Hugs* 3> We love you Karebear! Your reaction was totally justified, given the circumstances.


*sends more virtual hugs* I am very sorry for all the awful shit that has happened to you. If that stupid waitress would have just backed off the first time there would not have been a problem. You were justified.

NC Tony

Sorry to hear about the miscarriage, like TLA said, I hope that uses up your bad luck for the next few years, if not the rest of your life.

Second, like everyone else I think you were perfectly justified in reading this bitch the riot act. As I was reading I just got this image in my head of your face turning red and steam shooting out of your ears. How much you want to bet she's got a boyfriend of her own back home that she's probably cheating on with every swinging dick she can get her slutty little hands on? Frankly if that were me, I think my wife would have gone all WWE on the tramp.

If anyone was the cunt in this situation, it was her. You, on the other hand showed incredible restraint in not knocking her teeth down her throat.


I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. =( I can only imagine how difficult something like that is to deal with, and my heart goes out to you.

I think anger is certainly justified, considering that she was WARNED multiple times to knock it off. It isn't like you just flipped out like a jealous nut, you were clearly being instigated. Flipping the plate was probably more than necessary imo, but I do commend you for thinking to throw down a few dollars to pay for it. xD Considering some of the crazy stuff custies do for NO reason, snapping out of emotional/mental stress at that point is more than understandable. I've turned into a bitch before too when my emotional stress camel had just one too many straws piled on.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season from here on out. <3


Oh, God, I'm so sorry, Karebear. *sends hugs* This definitely wasn't a custy moment- you were perfectly justified in telling this bitch to fuck the hell off. I hope you and Tank are all right, and that the rest of the year goes well for you. *hugs*

Book Diver

(Hugs) So sorry to hear about your miscarriage and Thanksgiving.

No place in hell for you after all of that- that was sexual harassment, plain and simple. I hope the waitress had to clean that up before being fired, and kudos for thinking to put down some money for the plate.


Aw, Karebear, I had a miscarriage when I was 6 months along. It's one if the hardest things in life to get over but you will move on and you will be a stronger person. *hugs*
And the waitress needed to be decked, you let her off easy.

Squirrel bagger

Oh karebear, my condolences for the loss, but no what you had wasn't a crusty moment, close, but it was justified, honestly if I were in Tank's shoes I would of told her off a lot less politely than he did.


I think the waitress was probably lucky that Tank didn't hit her, you know, in reaction to being touched when he told her not to. I hope she's not employed there long. What a graceless, self-centered, waste of space she sounds like. Tank is such an awesome guy, so take heart that he wants YOU and only you :D


*hugs* I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through, Karebear. I've had a miscarriage 3 years ago and still get a little depressed about it. You were perfectly justified in what you did. Had that been me, I would have hit the bitch so hard, Adam and Eve would've felt it. I wish I could just send you a giant cake baked full of luck.


I am sorry for your loss, that is so hard to get through without support (thank god you have Tank and your family!)

As for the waitress, I think you went a little too far...but I'm being a hypocrite since I would have likely done the same thing. She had no right to touch Tank even after he said no and DEFINITELY no right to ignore you, his girlfriend. She likely hits on all the attractive males no matter if they are taken or married (GAH!). So giving Slutty McSlut a "nice" word and gesture was in a way justifiable.

If it where me I would either have a) sat there and did nothing or b) went ape-shit on the waitress, would likely depend on how I felt at the time.

Queer Geek

Wish you and your family the best Karebear!

Now back to this little skank! I'm glad you told off this whore! Basically if she can't respect the boundaries of her customers, then her ass needs to be canned!


Oh girl. It sounds like you've been going through the grinder even more than I have- and I've been pulling 10 hour daily shifts, single parenting a teething infant with a natural mohawk who climbs, dealing with a restraining order against a family member/medical bills from my scoliosis, and finishing up my bachelor's degree. If anyone knows how to get through daily hell, it's us retail slaves.

Glad to hear you've found a partner who gets why your brain is always so fried, and sees how hard you work.

I know I'd have flipped before you did, I'm only 5'6" and weigh less than 130, and the last person to tell me "fuck, that's some left hook- I think you might have given me a small concussion" was a 6 foot, 250 pound Samoan guy. Gender, size, doesn't mean shit when it comes to physical reaction towards having your boundaries violated.

I definitely think you went a bit farther than is strictly necessary, but I don't fault you one bit- and leaving the cash for the plate was a classy move on your part. Hugs.


First let me say I'm sorry for your loss, Karebear.

Secondly, though - yeah, I do think you went too far. The waitress was well out of line and I would have been furious too if I were you. But I would have left the 'confrontation' to my partner... and I would have been appalled if he'd gotten physical in any way (even just with the plate). That said though I know what grief and depression can do to a person's personality and train of thought so I don't think you should be too hard on yourself... and I think you deserve points for getting out of the restaurant when you did.

(And am I the only person who'd be concerned, not comforted, if my partner said they would have punched a waiter who touched me in a non-violent, non-sexual manner?)


Oh, "BlowMe the troll" is back. How nice!


This reminded me of the time I was out with my (ex) boyfriend - the only time I've ever gone to a bar proper. We were with some "friends" from our WoW guild - one of them nearly made me cry, which is totally irrelevant to this story but I stopped playing after that incident. Anyway, the waitress came up and put her hand on my boyfriend's shoulder and was being a little flirty. I glared very pointedly at her and she removed the hand.

The Worst

I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what that must feel like. I agree with the prevailing opinion that you were 110% justified, and I think you showed incredible restraint by not serving Slutbag McHo-face a knuckle sandwich.


Okay, sorry if this makes me a troll, too, but I have to admit that I've not really believed Karebear's stories for quite some time. I don't know if I believe the basic ongoing storyline but think everything is just hugely embellished, or if I don't believe any of it. Either you are one of the most unfortunate people in the world (who is not dealing with genocide, war, starvation, or fatal diseases), or something is going on.

If all of these things really are happening to you, I wish you all the sympathy in the world, because it sounds like a horrible situation to be in, and I will gladly accept your righteous indignation. But every time you post another story about how all of these ridiculous things happen to you, the chances of that get slimmer and slimmer.


@Karebear I hope I am not overstepping any line here, but if you have had a miscarriage and you are now having symptoms of depression I think you should talk to your doctor. Often a miscarriage can cause postpartum depression, and you should not take it lightly. It won't hurt to talk to your doctor.

little slave

I'm so sorry for your loss and your super-stress Thanksgiving.
And for that "waitress", F that cunt! I would have done something similar or worse. She was a total, unprofessional, mean skanky ho-bitch. Good for you for calling her out! She was disrespectful and desperate and lucky your man was a gentlemen.

Hellbound Alleee

Wow, it sounds like everything that happened just sort of got triggered by that cunt waitress, it was the last straw, and she got the fallout.

But she needs to learn that you have to be careful who you piss off, because next time it could get you fired or worse.

Hope that waitress learned her lesson.

And as far as Tank goes, he sounds great, but keep in mind, honey, that you are still a strong and wonderful person even if he never existed. You don't need a strong hero. You ARE the hero. Remember that, no matter how strong and protective he is, one day he's going to need YOU to be HIS hero. And I know you can do it. So go and listen to David Bowie's "Heroes" again and know I dedicate that song to you.


I'm sorry for your loss, Karebear. I've experienced a miscarriage and it is truly terrible.

But I do think you were out of line. Swearing at a stranger (your server)and throwing a dish are just not acceptable ways for an adult to behave in public.

Also, maybe the waitress was out of line, but some people just are very "touchy feely" by nature and don't even notice they are doing it. I have a friend who is very friendly and outgoing and comes across as being very flirty with everyone, but it's not her intention - her whole family is just like that. If things had been reveresed, and a customer did this to you, you would be furious. You're having a hard time and that's terrible but you still need to respect people . . .

register troll

Okay, first of all, someone needs to put a dick in blowme's mouth to shut her up. I bet you got a nice little cushion-y job compared to the rest of us. Bad things can happen to the best of us, and she can either say waaa woe is me, or she can take the high road, which she is, even adding a little humor into her entries. Karebear is defintely someone I would hang out and be friends with, because I can relate to her. I'm in the same boat myself except for the parenting part. So, blowme, unless you've walked in her shoes, just stfu


Even if you don't believe her sorry, don't be a douche nozzle. In case you didn't know, pfizer came out a while ago saying they screwed up and their birth control had zero hormones in it, resulting in a lot of births the last three months!!! Holy judgmental monkey balls. Plus how many of us are results of unintended pregnancies? I am, and my parents were married, and I was not the first kid.

And haven't you been caught in a lot of situations where people would say, ”i can't fucking believe that happened?”. I have. :-D A lot! I would happily share them, but fuck, some of you would still call fake even after I provided the police reports!!!

Hell, look at all the conspiracy theorists out there. Give her the benefit of the God damn doubt or shut your fucking pie hole.

In the future if the waitress thing happens again, look the waitress in the eye after the first ignoring thing and tell her, ”I don't know why you're flirting with him, i'm the one tipping you.


"Give her the benefit of the God damn doubt AND shut your fucking pie hole."


*hugs* Karebear.


What kind of society do we live in where it's acceptable to throw food and curse at someone who touches you in a non sexual/non violent manner?
Yeah the waitress should have stopped after he asked her not to touch him, but that response was waay out of line. Seriously. I'm embarrassed for the world right now.


I hope things get better for you KareBear : ( We've all had moments that we don't particularly care for but things usually get a lot better after a shit triplicate : )


Condolances for your loss and I *really* hope things improve for you. When I read what has been happening to you, it reads a -little- bit more positively than what my [only/younger] sister has been going through.


Please take care of yourself. IMO you have nothing to apologize for. Hugs!


It may seem like you went overboard to someone who didn't know the whole story. It sounds like a bunch of shit got dumped on you at once, and the next person who started dumping on you got all that wrath.
Granted, I'd have to cut a bitch if she touched my man. Especially one as good as Tank.

Soft Ice Girl

Karebear, my condolences for your loss.
While I think that you did go overboard with your reaction, I can understand that, given the situation you have told. You are only human, shit happens.
I so hope that your overall situation improves, and that your family stays this fabulous!
And, in hopes of not stepping over the line, please talk to your doctor, because you could very well be clinically depressive, which is very well treatable.

No Name Yet

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Throwing the plate was completely inappropriate, and overall you probably didn't make yourself look like the good guy. Also, couldn't you have requested a different waitress once you noticed there was a problem with her? But you were justified in losing your temper, and at least you paid and dealt with it afterwards instead of just leaving. Plus, depression and stress makes people do inappropriate things.


The fact that you walked out of there without an eyball in jar as a trophy means you have more self control than I do. Can't see anything wrong with your response considering how many times she had the chance to stop acting like a bitch in heat.


honestly, you were behaving inappropriately before you even threw the plate. For Tank to swear at her the second time she touched him was not okay. At that point she could have still been unconsciously doing it. I wouldn't be surprised if she messed up your order on purpose because you were talking to her in such an abusive way.

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