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The Last Archimedean

I celebrate Thanksgiving and not Christmas. I do buy my boys presents because they're still young.

I'm starting to develop a severe hatred for Christmas season -- it's way too commercialized. I do try to attend Midnight Mass just so I can hear the choir sing O Come O Come Emmanuel and the other hymns. Hearing a choir sing lifts my spirits.


I'm half tempted to not even put up a Christmas tree this year. My mother has a 9 foot tree that she and her husband put up every year, and makes us help her decorate it. By the end of it, I just go "ugh, I do not want to put up another one." Plus I would have to buy one since my old cat destroyed the other one.

I love O Come O Come Emmanuel too. :)

The Last Archimedean

I'm not putting up a tree.

The hymns are the only part of Christmas I like anymore. You don't have to buy them from [name big chain store here]. And sometimes I go to see a play.


Theres a certain feeling I start getting after Thanksgiving that I like. I like the chill that winter brings along with the look of a decorated tree and the feeling (that isn't around so much anymore) of a holiday about family and spending time with them. I dunno. I like Christmas. Not what it is now, but the season. I'm a winter baby, so that might be it.

But for someone to not know what Thanksgiving is, I think, it actually slightly un-'Merican. I mean, I believe (unless I got this wrong in elementary school) that is an American holiday ( I know other countries have it but at different times) Crazy lady needs to have her house filled with wild turkeys and have an American History book shoved down her throat.


I like thanksgiving because it's a great excuse to get family together, and especially this year when I might get to go see my grandma as it is the first holiday she is spending in a retirement home. I hate christmas though cause I neither want people wasting money on gifts for me nor do I delight in wasting money on gifts for others. I do like the chance to get together with family but would rather christmas was in july so it was more evenly spaced. Although I have to admit I kind of enjoy getting gifts for the kids in the family cause they are young.


We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia (in fact the only other country apart from yours that does is Canada, I believe, plus some harvest festivals in some other places) and xmas stuff starts appearing in the shops in September usually. Although some shops stock stuff in June/July because Xmas in July is a bit of a thing for people who want to have the whole winter experience!

It's usually very hot here a xmas-time, being nearly the middle of summer and all, so we have a long leisurely lunch buffet going - and the aircon on full blast! But we don't put up our tree until xmas eve (24th) and it comes down on Jan 6th, after the '12 days of xmas'.


I know yours is real life, but you remind me of the Stephanie Plum novels.


My mother keeps trying to get rid of Christmas but my sister and I are like OMFG NO!!!

I'm definitely not ready to get rid of Christmas. I actually have a love-hate relationship with gifts. Trying to come up with a gift for every single person for every single gift giving occasion I hate. But I like actually giving gifts. So what basically ends up happening is that people only get gifts when I happen to have one to give them. Which usually means when I MAKE a gift for them. I went to a baby shower once and me and everyone in my party gave handmade gifts - and we were also the only ones who did.

So for me I deal with it by conditioning everyone around me to not expect a gift for every single damn thing (like birthdays? fuck that). I only got presents for everyone last year because my boyfriend (who very shortly afterwards became by ex) insisted on it - and went halfsies. This year? Nope. The only people getting a Christmas present this year is my grandparents. They're getting quilted tray mats I made because the ones they have are looking ratty.

Though I also give presents for weddings and baby showers - but that's because they're one time events and I have go-to handmade gifts for them.


How...um...how old was this girl? Was she a native-born citizen, or did she have an obvious accent? Did she...um...how...just...I don't even...whaaaa?

I shudder to think what her reaction would be to finding out there are people of other religious faiths who don't celebrate Christmas at all....


She had more of a Southern accent...like...Texas or something. Could of been Kentucky or something else too...but she had the twang. Lots of "ya'll"s going around.


I LOVE Christmas, but not to the point of not realizing that there are other holidays. She must not have more than a kindergarten education.

Hellbound Alleee

I for one have absolutely no problem with having no mention of Thanksgiving at all in any retail setting except for a grocery store. Let's leave it that way, so that we can have a commercial-free Thanksgiving. No blow-up Puritans on the lawn.

As far as Chri$tma$ goes, Christians tried giving that up 300 years ago. If it weren't for commercial interests in London and NYC, it wouldn't have existed. And I'm not saying this out of ignorance. The very reason it's a gift-giving holiday is because that was the only way they could get Christmas out of the streets and bars and into the home. It was the only way to convince Christians that it wasn't a Papist and/or heathen holiday, by associating it with child welfare, as the concept "child" was a new fad in the mid-nineteenth century.

The more I've studied Christmas and its history, the more I'm convinced it has always been a holiday of the people, not the priests. It has been essentially secular for thousands of years. The hymns were a side-note in a much longer tradition of guzzling, glutteny, orgies, begging, dancing, singing and crossdressing. The tradition of gift exchange is only a little over a hundred and some years old, and that's what got those hymns to get sung again, or written anew. But those feasts, the wreath, the tree, the logs, the lights and the gifts all belong to the People. Not to Jesus.


i havent even put up a tree for a while and my last few times i only put up a 1 foot tall tree, xmas is close to being pointless if not already. due to the stores using it to sell useless things to the masses.


The way I hear it they moved St. Nick's feast day (which I think used to be around about december 6th) to Christmas because he was becoming much too popular and overshadowing Jesus. Can't say that really worked out for them all that well on the "diminish popularity of commercial holiday" front.

NC Tony

I would have loved to have heard the conversation between this empty headed bimbo and her boyfriend after they left. I would say I'd like to know what's going on inside her head, but the answer is obviously not much.

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