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NC Tony

Sounds like you're going to have to read her the riot act, and basically warn her if things don't change soon, she might want to start looking for another job. I can't stand people who whine about how hard or long they worked, when the only hard work they did was avoiding hard work. I've also found that people who insist on leaving right on time are the same people who come in late, get out of shifts they don't want to work, and then complain about how little their paychecks are. Don't even get me started on the people who complain about everyone and everything and then wonder why everyone avoids them.

With this kind of attitude I'm surprised she's lasted a year. It's this kind of person you're hoping in the back of your mind that they won't straighten up their act, and get fired.


she saw how well you all do your jobs and get along and thought she'd have it easier on your floor than where she was. Now, you make her do her job and she's not happy. Put her back on tills, on her old floor and let her sit. If she can't appreciate you guys going above and beyond, she doesnt deserve to keep benifiting from it.


Speaking as someone who works with negative coworkers, please do something about this person. Working in a negative environment can just suck the energy out of you. A job that you once enjoyed is now something that makes your stomach turn and you don't want to face. When you are feeling a tad ill, you would normally go into work, but if you know the entire time there is going to be miserable, then you are more likely to call in because you don't want to put up with the BS on top of being sick. The longer her attitude stays in the department, the more likely decent workers are going to get frustrated and look for other work, or lose their give a damn.

Office Slave

It sounds like a person who wants a paycheck, but not a job. I have worked with heaps of people like that. I agree with LadyBelle that working with someone like that sucks all of your energy and all of any fun (if fun was going to happen).

If she does okay on the till, I would keep her there. If not, I am not sure. I know that I would explain to her in very blunt terms what is to be expected if she continues like this. I am thinking less hours, less pay and possibly no job. Maybe a stern talking to will help with her attitude. Good luck!


We've been keeping her on the tills - she is a till op, and the tills are busy. She has a full stroppy face on, but that will be fed back by customers. Which is fine, we'll have written evidence of the problem.
It's got to the point where the rest of of are finding her pouts quite funny though. She walks through the store, lower lip stuck out, looking heartbroken, and most of us burst out laughing.
This weekend was an improvement (minor), so I'm seeing how it goes. I'm trying to keep her away from the others because I don't want her bringing them down, and I've told the ASM and HR manager that her attitude sucks, so they're keeping an eye out as well.
The longer I superglue her to the tills, the stroppier she's going to get, and it will come to a head - either she'll quit, or I'll let rip.
Any bets which will come first?


ooh, i hope they both happen! starting with you letting it rip, and her getting so upset/pissed off/whatever that she quits! and i hope that you letting it rip will come to great amusement to your other coworkers.

in actuality, i just hope she fucking quits because it sounds like she's giant walking twat infection.

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