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I enjoyed "assholic", like alcoholic or chocoholic... Addicted to being a jerkoff.


Wow. This asswipe is a great example of a fully grown Hellspawn.

Note I said grown, not mature.


Some people's children, I tell ya.

Sales Agent Guy

This is why if I ever open a store, I will go by the rule that the customer is NOT always right. That way if anyone hassles my staff, out they go!


If I ever have to hire some help for my photography business, the first thing I will tell them is "The customer is NOT always right. And when they insist on saying they are, that means they KNOW they aren't." I will also tell them they they will NOT be punished for standing up for themselves. As long as they don't start cursing, they will not be reprimanded. However, as soon as a customer utters a single curse at one of my employees, they will get refused service.

NC Tony

This sounds like the kind of guy who only pulls this shit with female employees because he probably views women as "the weaker sex". I think Karma and Thrognar are biding their time, just waiting for this jerk to mouth off to the wrong woman who will then kick his balls into his throat.

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