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If things are getting that bad, he should start looking for a new job. Now that he has had a couple years of work under his belt, it shouldn't be quite as bad as being inexperienced. I wish I had done that when I quit the studio. And if he wants to quit now, he should look up the laws regarding hostile work environments to see if he will qualify for unemployment benefits. Best of luck to him!


He should look for a new job, and he'll look more employable to the new place if he is currently working. It might also help if the cooperate started receiving some customer complaints about this assistant yelling at workers, being rude, and so forth. It might help show that she isn't management material. The higher ups aren't there to witness employee behavior on a daily basis and appreciate when they get information to help decisions like who to place as manager, or to retain the current management.


Here's something I don't get in these situations. You know HQ won't listen to you, but they will listen to customers. So why not get friends and family members to come in as secret shoppers, get them to see and maybe even record how rude this woman is, and have them report her?

If he really wants to quit, then yes, do it. But in the meantime she could still be brought down a peg or five if reported by customers to corporate.

NC Tony

I was gonna suggest the same thing Jami did, get your friends and family to report AMBitch's behavior to the higher ups (maybe embellish things a little to make her seem even worse than she already is).

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