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It's always nice when you get a good custy like that, but, in reference to this:

'I'm not coughing to the point of aching or feeling like I'm choking anymore. In fact, I'd say it curbed my cough by like 80% at least. Whether it's because the medicine worked or maybe just the placebo effect of wanting it to work, I feel better.'

I'd plump for 'placebo effect'. You know why? Generic drugs are, by and large, exactly the same as brand-name drugs. They have the same active ingredients, the same dosage, the same effects, the same side effects, the same intended usage, etc, etc, etc, and still undergo the same FDA review process as the brand-name ones. The only difference there might be is that sometimes the brand-name drugs might have an extra ingredient to, say, mask a slightly unpleasant taste, or the generic one might have an inactive ingredient to recolour the pills. Everything else is advertising (read 'lying'). Of course, the brand-name drug companies are the ones who did the research and development for that drug in the first place, so have to recoup those costs - but that is why they generally patent those drugs to have a period where they, and they alone, have the right to sell it. It's only once that patent runs out that generic equivalents start popping up.


There are certain brand names that just do better. Growing up, my brother and I were on the same medicine chemically, but I could tolerate the generic, while he had to have the brand name or he broke out in a rash.


Speaking for myself as I also have a similar problem, it could be cold induced asthma. Some of the OTC meds will help, especially if they have something to get rid of the mucus. Id say talk to a doc when its cold (if you can afford it).

The Last Archimedean

Usually the generic works for me, but for hives I need the brand name medicine. My body acts oddly sometimes. *shrug*


Try black tar heroine it's the only way. Who cares if it's placebo or the meds just keep taking it if it works. Especially with the caugh you described. That dude is awesome to do that for you.


@ Skittles That is the way I feel, I don't care if it is a placebo affect or not, it if works it works. If I have to trick my brain, then by all means I will trick my brain into controlling whatever it is that hurts.

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