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that guy is a POS. why is it people with money think that they can treat people however they want? fuck you "rah rah"!


The whole "The customer is always right" stuff REALLY gets on my nerves. If I recall, it was started in the US as a marketing campaign. In the UK Selfridges used it for a while. So what if it's something this knob chooses to have above his employee entrance? That's HIS choice, and it's not a requirement that any other place of business follow this idea.
I love when customers trot it out to me, as if that's going to make me change my mind "Really?! Gosh, I had no idea! I'm so sorry, of course you're right, you did buy this from this exact store 17 years ago, even though this store has only been open 3 years, and the label inside is 'A Store Not Us'. Let me give you a full refund on that - £600? Of course." Bite me. The second you trot out that "Customer is always right" tripe, it cements my determination to do anything I can to make sure you don't get what you want. I'll be polite, and I'll work to find mutual ground, but you're not going to win with this. Oh, and adding on "Trading Standards would be interested to find out about this" just makes me want to laugh. No they won't. They won't give a flying fig, because we're going above and beyond what they dictate must be done, and attempting to 'threaten' me with TS doesn't work either. I don't need this job. You piss me off enough and I will let rip, quit and go home.

Sorry, slightly off tangent rant there.


I don't really love the part of the article where they equate kicking someone out for being verbally abusive, to a passive aggressive move by a German restaurant to keep out crying babies.
The point of this incident should be that you can't make unreasonable requests that would greatly inconvenience other customers and then abuse the employees who can't fulfill them, even if you're filthy stinking rich.


Hmm. So, if the customer is always right, the customers who were eating at 'his' table were right to sit there, so what the fuck is he complaining about?


@Zmidponk: that was my thought exactly! The people who got there first and were sitting at the table he wanted were also customers.

What he really meant was "the universe requires that I always get my own way." And no -- no it doesn't.

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