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NC Tony

At least they didn't get away with it, but yeah, both of those are weird.

Sales Agent Guy

All he said was 'Whoops?' Give me a break!

And as for the first woman, I hope she got busted.

Music Girl

That's why I'm glad we don't have price stickers. Everything is priced on the shelf -- if a customer tries to say it was another price, I just ask them to show me where it was on the shelf. Sometimes we miss a sales tag, mostly it was in the wrong spot and they understand. Occasionally, they'll try to argue over the wrong price, even if it was clearly not the price for that item, but they don't really ever get away with it.

The Last Archimedean

Wow. Guess the first lady had a conscience attack all of a sudden.

Definitely odd. First you try to steal, you don't get away with your ill-gotten gains, and then you call to apologize? I'll never figure out how some people's brains work.


I think The only reason the perfume thief call to apologize was her fear to get in (absolutely deserved) trouble. To get a conscience this Kind of People Need it hammered with thor's hammer.

@Sales Agent Guy
I Bet The Price Tag switcher shake The fact that he was caught redhanded Out of His mind like a dog shakes The water Out of Hüs wet fur. The whoops dont mean whoops i've done something wrong it means whoops holy Sh.t they got me


Perfume thief could be a kleptomaniac and her family could've made her call to apologize.

What? I'm sure weirder things have happened.

Michael Chandra

O_O What a N.A.T.s you had. And I also doubt the shoplifter had anything but her own self-preservation in mind when calling to 'apologize'.

However, I've got to say I'd work along better if they immediately went "some items have suddenly gone missing so we're checking people to try to find them". In fact if I was told that with proper honesty, I'd immediately open my bag and let them check, then thank them for being straight with me.


To be fair she was right your manager had no right to search her bag unless he physically witnessed her putting the items in it. The store can have whatever policies they want but walking through the door does not now nor will it ever nullify the 4th amendment. I'm glad she got caught all the same, as she clearly deserved it.
As for the price swithchers how do people think that will work. I mean cashiers see the same items all the time, of course they will notice.


Hey guys! Yeah, I do wish my managers had a bit more evidence; I have to admit that my heart jumped into my throat when the lady got in our faces, and I had that moment of "Oh god what if they're wrong?"

Thank god we're switching to scanners soon. I have to admit I don't know the price of every item in the store, so that will hopefully cut down on price switchers. Thank you all for your comments! =D


Skittles, the fourth amendment applies to governments, not stores.

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