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The Last Archimedean

I've been saying this for years, too: there should be a law that no company executive can make more in yearly total compensation than the President of the United States. I don't care what company you're running, your job is not as important as his, so you shouldn't get paid more.


Last Archimedian,

There was a place like that, it was called the USSR. History should tell you how well that went.


I'm not sure what the solution is but I hope it doesn't get to the point the French Revolution did.

Hard Ice Girl ^^

While I do think that a CEO should make more than a slave, simply because he has more responsibility and needed some investment to be able to qualify for his job, a lot of these salaries are ridiculous.
Those people should be texed a lot more, and above a certain sum, the tax should be 99%.
@PawnWarrior: From what I remember, the wages were not the main problem of the USSR, but rather shortages of stuff plus stupid government who for example equalized cultures against the people´s wishes.

Hellbound Alleee

Maybe not the French Revolution. But maybe the Iceland Solution? Put the parasites in jail.

Let's talk about the "entitlements" for the rich, instead of begrudging some poor families a little fucking food, okay?


Uh, what Hellbout Alleee said.

Fuck, I'm scraping by on SSDI and food stamps, and these rich fucks think THEY need more money?


The gap between rich and poor really only needs to become a TEENY TINY bit wider for the US to officially start qualifying as a Banana Republic.


I wish it were as simple as just giving the minimum wage folks big raises. If that were to happen then the price of everything would go up and those with the lowest wagest may even lose ground.

The big guys get way more than they are worth, in most cases.


@Scotty that is a false concept. While giving the lowest on the totem pole more money may influence prices a small amount, the concept that it will make money meaningless is a capatalist propoganda. It is also easily avoidable through an initial period of government regulation on pricing. The problem is rescource division not money, never forget that money is essentially not real.

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