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Yet another instance when children grow up to be crushed when they realize that the world doesn't really poop glitter and rainbows.

Bored at the Bookstore

Markdown, 90% off, and I still wouldn't buy these.


My fiance would find them pretty funny. But then again, his humor can be really juvenile at times (lol).

Minder Ella

pooping jewels? that could be kind of painful.


I wish I pooped rainbows


I'd buy em for the same thing I buy all playscale dolls for. Stealing their clothes then giving the nekkid dolls to goodwill/salvation army/red white & blue


I do the same thing, NumismaticNerd. A unicorn that poops rainbows would easily fit in with either our Monster High or MLP collections, but I can't imagine paying $15.+ for it, no matter how much Moxie the girls come with.


I'll call it now -- "i poop rainbows" wins for Phrase of the Year, and it's only january 4. I'm going to find as many ways as possible to use that this year.


Kids are also going to grow up to realize there aren't any unicorns, pink rabbits, etc, so I'm not sure this is an issue. Great free advertising for them though. Wonder if they stole any ideas from The Oatmeal. If you want a realistic toy, have a toy cat that comes with kibble (prescription or otherwise) and include a large vet bill, blood glucose meter kit, syringes and insulin to treat the diabetes caused by the inappropriate food. That would be a realistic toy.


Seriously? Lets not play the "Diabetic Blame Game" by trying to convince anyone that KIBBLE (and yes I CAN read between the lines to "Fast Food" or "Twinkies") CAUSES DIABETES. It is a GENETIC DISORDER that KILLS and injures MANY THOUSANDS every year.

Even the so-called "Type 2" diabetes has a GENETIC COMPONENT--you could weight 500 pounds and NOT be diabetic or weigh 100 lean pounds and be a Type 2. Don't got that gene? Ain't never gonna have diabetes.

Before you post things like this please do your due diligence.

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