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The Last Archimedean

"Spending money I don't have to buy things I don't need to impress people I don't like."

I gave up on that BS long ago. I wear casual clothes unless I'm at work, and anyone who doesn't like it can go piss off.


TLA I'm right there with you. Even if I had money to blow on pointless crap it would not be on worthless designer clothes or accessories.


There are some things I enjoy that are name brand but those are few and far between and none of them involve spending that much! Hell, that covers my car payment, my husband's car payment, all of our utilities plus a month of groceries and theres probably still money left over. I'll never understand that mindset of putting style and popularity over comfort and living within my means. TLA said it perfectly. People dig themselves a hole by buying crap to impress other assholes who do the same thing. I saw it a lot in my old neighborhood. Everyone wasnt poor, and they weren't wealthy either but they constantly tried to one up each other by remodeling the house or buying an RV or boat or sending little Suzy to a private school. It was sad to watch. :/


I've read the book, and it should read "handbag" not "purse." ;}

Queer Geek


Big Fancy shall draw and quarter you for even saying the word purse! IT'S HANDBAG!

Back to what I was saying, being someone who worked in high end retail (BIG FANCY GO SUCK IT!), it always floors me that people would spend hundreds on cheaply made product that had designer label on it. There isn't much difference between a handbag bought at Targeeey versus one bought at Needless Mark-up!


I will never get why anyone carries a Louis Vuitton handbag. So fucking tacky. However, I DO carry a designer handbag, but it's more of the middle of the line designer. I love Fossil, okay, I said it, I love the company. However, I buy on sale or out outlet. I have two Fossil Handbags, one I haven't used as I got it stupidly cheap and have yet to wear out the other one I bought two years ago. I buy from the company because it's what I like in terms of style and their stuff is very well made. I have a wallet that's well over 10 years old from them and looks brand new.

On the other hand, I buy vintage clothes ( made in the USA and better than new, also very green and earth friendly ), I do not have a car payment to worry about as my car has been paid off for three years. I take very good care of it though and it looks nearly brand new even being a decade old and with 150k miles on it. I only have two cats to take care of, and a cheap place, and I have quite a bit of savings, so I count myself as being in a pretty good place for a server. A $90 handbag every two years or so isn't a sin for some.

However, when you choose to have children and a family, you got to give up something and a $500 handbag that can feed your family for two months is just fucking stupidity.

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