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The Last Archimedean

Some jerk has way too much time on their hands.

If they're going to be a disruptive force, why don't they do something USEFUL, like hiding every copy of Twilight in the rafters? What they did here is just stupid. And not funny at all.

Queer Geek

@ The Last Archimedean

I agree. Why doesn't this dumbass custy just simply do a nice deed a straighten the books for the slaves? I hope they find it funny if someone puts sugar in their gas tank!


Idea of a room in hell for these people...

A vast library with one book that has instructions on how to prevent something painful from happening each hour... every book arranged like this.

I hate seeing this in bookshops/libraries.

Sales Agent Guy

There's always a new way to be a douche in retail hell it seems. I'm glad I don't work in a bookstore after seeing this.


Sorry, but I laughed. I wouldn't even be mad if I worked there because of the section (Mystery! Come on, guys, that's genius). I'd leave them like that until closing time. And if I were a customer looking for a mystery novel, I'd still laugh and go about finding my book and assume this was a bored retail slave having some fun.


I'm afraid I laughed too. I do feel bad for whoever has to pull all of these out and turn them around though (and in my own special little world where I have my book issues, I would probably end up turning them all around myself if I saw this in a bookstore)


I get the joke, but it's only funny if they did that, took the picture, and then put all the books back again. Yes, I have unrealistic expectations of courtesy these days.


LOL, I wonder if they were inspired by Sabrina on Raising Hope's turning soup cans upside down.


Thanks for the idea...Will have to try this out!

NC Tony

Maybe it was done by one of those customers who expect us to know what they're looking for when the only information they have about the book they're looking for is it has a blue cover.

Squirrel bagger

I had some friends do this once, I beat the shit out of them for it.That kind of thing is disrespectful to the workers and the good custys.


I will confess:

Once, I deliberately interfered with a bookstore's display.

They had a rack, very prominent and up-front, promoting many copies of this book:


Hiding just a few shelves down and away, they had one copy of this book:


I would like to apologize to the slaves there at that time, but I just had to take that one and gently insert it into the display...


Mrs. Lovett

@AmigaTech, as an unabashed liberal and former bookseller, I forgive you. For one, it sounds like a pretty minor offense that was pretty easy to fix. Also, that's hilariously appropriate and I would've laughed my ass off if I had discovered it. I probably would have pretended not to see it and hoped it stayed that way for weeks.


I'll admit, I laughed.

But I would NEVER do this without a) permission; and b) returning things (as best I can) to their normal order.


If I saw this for real, yeah I'd probably laugh. Plus I'm actually kind of impressed by the time and effort this person put into being a douche for the sake of a picture for the internet (though I shouldn't be at this point).

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