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I used to work at a hardware store and got asked out all the time. One man proposed to me in front of my manager... the first time he ever saw me.

And another time, a customer's mother asked me out for her son who was in the car in the parking lot. She said he just got off work and was really dirty so she asked me for my number because he felt he was too disgusting to do it himself. It was super awkward and she was really pushy to get my number. I ended up giving her a fake one so she would just leave me alone.

It is super annoying.

The Last Archimedean

Things you have to do to make sure you aren't considered a creeper if you want to ask out a retail slave:

1) Make yourself a regular in the store, so your face gets familiar

2) *Always* be kind and polite to *every* slave working there

3) Be a bit shy about it, and kind of drop a few nonverbal hints the few times you're in the store before you ask

40 Most importantly, *be willing to take "no" for an answer without making a big deal about it*

Do those things, and even if you do ask out the slave, you won't be considered a stalker/creeper.


I totally know what you mean about being inexplicably transformed into a beauty queen by a drab work uniform!
When I was a teenager I worked the entry gate at an animal park one summer. The booth I sat in was unair-conditioned, and this was in the deep south, May through September. So, as you might guess, I spent all day sweating like a pig even with the big window fan that my boss dragged down from the main office for me.
My uniform was also nothing special either. A beige polo shirt and khaki shorts. I was young so I did choose a very short pair of shorts but it isn't as if people could see that while I was sitting in the booth.
I got asked out more that summer than I ever have before or since! It was especially amusing being that I was jailbait. You should see how fast a redneck will tear out of a guard station when you utter the phrase "I can't go out with you. I'm only 16."


Its not the fact you suddenly become a beauty queen. People who hit on slaves are 1 of 3 types.

1) Out of work clothes they are likely intimidated by you and would never be able to work up the nerve the work clothes make you approachable because thats what they are designed to do. They litterally say you can ask me for help. Some socially awkward people mistake this.

2) The are cocky douchebag crustys who think they are a gift to all men/women and you should be thanking any powers that may be they talked to you.

3) They genuinely like you (mostly regulers).

Advice from this is just be upfront and firm without being mean. Tell them no.


Working in a library I've never been asked out but I get a lot of "Are you married?" and "Why aren't you married?" and other variations on that. Plus the push to have children from various strangers. But one of my coworkers happens to be of Asian descent, half Chinese, half Vietnamese. So she gets a lot of guys with a fetish for Asian women bothering her. She flat out tells them "No" because they're always creepy. And then there's this one guy who will not take the hint and leave her alone. He's around 45 and balding, which turns her off (she's younger than me and still can be a bit superficial) but the main thing that bugs her is the way he acts. He switches between being creepy to being hyper and immature. And he won't talk to anyone else at the library. I've tried to distract him so she can escape and he'll just glare at me as if I was a talking pile of dog poop and continue talking to her even when she says she has to go.

I've made everyone aware of him and how much he bugs her at work but I think the manager and I are the only two who really look out for her. Everyone else seems to find it funny.


I've been hit on, asked out and given numbers from custys (one even ordered, paid, left and came back with his name, age and number on the back of the receipt I'd literally just given him minutes before). I've gotten every manner of leer, every pickup line and even a few creepers that literally hit on any female in the uniform (like the guys who insist on touching your hand when you're handing them their change or their order *shudders*). Outside of work, I've been hit on twice in my entire life, and those were in middle school and high school by guys in packs that hit on anything that moved (and were also just doing it to me to get a laugh out of their friends).

All of that being said, I still haven't gotten the worst of it. One former co-worker of mine claimed to have had her ass grabbed by a cross-eyed creeper who hits on every girl in my restaurant (and who also always orders coffee - we give him the oldest, nastiest decaf we have because we all hate him, and he's a semi-regular). Another co-worker had a guy pull up, order a soda, and at some point during the transaction whipped it out, got her attention and pointed at it. He'd already paid at that point, but he drove off without his drink (probably so we couldn't get his plate numbers).

But the one girl who got hit on the most by the widest variety of regulars and non-regulars alike was a 16-year-old who was still in high school. When she would get hit on, she'd use "I have a boyfriend" first, and when they usually replied with "He doesn't have to know *wink*", she'd use "I'm only 16" which, more often than not, got her a great big resounding "So?" It makes me sick to think of all the times she was harassed by these disgusting excuses for human beings for $7.50 an hour.


Oh, I forgot to add to my previous post. It even happens in environments where you would not expect. My last retail job was The Baby Store, and yeah, even in a place where the customers are mostly women and the few men who we do get are married, I still got hit on.
Hot single dad? I wish!
Lesbian shopping for a friend? No, but would have been an improvement over what did happen.

It was a married Indian guy who came into to shop for his grandchildren. How do I know he was married? Because he had his wife with him, of course! He stared at me whenever he could, and while she was busy shopping he came up to the register and asked for my phone number.

In the end, generally at her workplace isn't the best place to hit on a woman. It's awkward. If they're busy it can be a frustrating distraction trying to not be mean to you for asking while rushing around trying to do a million things. And even if she might be into you, there's always the fear she may get in trouble if her douchebag manager finds out.
And when it comes to hitting on an employee while your wife or girlfriend is on the other side of the store...no, just, no.

Red Rider

I was just thinking about this the other day. As a rule I will absolutely *not* respond favorably to people who hit on me or try to pick me up at work. While at work, I pretty much have to be polite and courteous. I can't tell creeps to go fuck themselves like I can when I'm not on the clock. Anyone who tries to take advantage of that uneven power dynamic and use it to their advantage is definitely not someone I'd ever been interested in.

That being said I've encountered a few of those sort of guys (all old and super creepy). One hangs out at the liquor store and bus stop nearby (he's been banned from the store for intoxication and harassing people). I'm terrified of him, because after failing at hitting on me, he tried to forcibly grab me while I was waiting for the bus. Every time I've seen him since then he's been all "Hey baby, lookin good. How've you been?" like we're cool with each other and he actually has a chance. Ugh, so gross!


I have found that telling crusties that you are married does not seem to make them stop asking you out while you are at work. What does seem to work is to tell them that it is against company policy for workers to date customers. I don't know why that works since it's a load of bull, and telling them that it is against company policy to take expired coupons just makes them angry....who knows.

NC Tony

Lie. Just fucking lie. If you look young enough, tell them you're underage. Tell them you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Tell them you're gay/a lesbian. Tell them you're married... to a police officer/fireman/MMA fighter/pro wrestler/soldier, etc. Hell, tell them your SO is in prison/just got out of prison for beating the shit out of the last person that asked you out. Tell whatever lie you have to to get the creeper to leave you alone.


I don't really understand this. I totally get being upset with people not taking no for an answer. However being upset because people ask you out or leave their number? That makes no sense to me. How are they supposed to know you aren't available, and so long as they do it in a no pressure sort of way such as leaving a number what's the big deal? I mean no offense but if you are in public more of the time, you will be approached more often. Seriously folks it isn't magic or mysterious the more people you deal with day to day the more often you will be asked out.

Larry Berry

"I look like jailbait yet a 35 year old "gangsta" thought it to be ok to smugly slide his receipt to me with his number written on it. My husband called him, telling him I was only 16"

So you look like jailbait so the guy was obviously a creeper for wanting to go out with you???? What does that say about your husband?


Larry....wait...what? You deviated off course there sunshine. Come on back.

The only time I've ever been hit on was when I worked a PetSharts as a cashier. I had taken off my weddig ring for some reason or the other and this woman took it as a sign that I was single. It didn't occur to me until after her thinly-veiled "come and mow my lawn" speech didn't work that she was actually hitting on me.

I just didn't want to mow her lawn.....

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