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The Last Archimedean

"A fat family with a giant order"? Seems like Benny here is a rude MF.


The 'sshh" is the suggestion from all his friends and family when he starts to open his mouth.


Perhaps he is rude, or perhaps people need not order so much and try a little jogging.


Ok, I have to speak up and say I HATE having to apologize to customers about waiting in line! I was left alone at the front lanes from 4-7 tonight, paged for help numerous times, and it was only when customers started yelling at me that I got extra help! :( Guess what, it's busy because of the darn holiday, and you're yelling at me won't make the line go faster!


@trekkiebabe I hate being around whiny children in their clever adult disguises when they start crying over waiting in line, probably just as much.

Seriously fat jokes. Can we all just grow up a little and stop hating on people who are overweight? I get that some folks might think they are helping by shaming them but it's going to do the opposite. Most people who do this are just hateful, and unworthy of my or any one else's concern for that matter. However let me lay some knowledge on you all.
1. You can not under any normal circumstances gauge someones health by how they look.
2. Someones shape and build are not in their control it is mostly dependant on body type.
3. BMI is so much horseshit it was not created to be an indicator of health, and is only used because insurance companies wanted something to put a numeric value on health. Which is not possible.

The Last Archimedean

Skittles, we'vre all known BMI is a joke since its invention. Any scale that defines Governor Gropenfuhrer as clinically obese needs to laughed out of town. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a lot of bad things [I can't believe that scum cheated on Maria Shriver -- but then again, the only reason he married her was in an attempt to breed the first bulletproof Kennedy] but clinically obese is NOT one of them.


On waiting in line--for some reason my store decided that they only needed one person to work the liquor store last night, on one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. We were freaking slammed and I got stuck working the liquor store. It was horrid. I had a line about 10 deep the entire time. None of the mangers would come out and help. Then there would be the people coming in to play lotto who thought for some reason they didn't have to stand in line. It was crazy. I got yelled out so much last night. Then the closer called out sick and my manger wanted to know if I would stay and close the liquor store. I was like no freaking way. I would have considered it if they had sent some help, but there was no way I was going to spend 5 more hours getting chewed out by angry crusties.


Skittles' points 1 and 2 are as horseshit as BMI however.

While yes, one's build is not something as straightforward as how much they work out/little they eat, there are about 3 people worldwide whose natural build justifies being over 20 stone and under 6'3".

As a culture, us in developed nations do too little and eat far too much and incredibly unhealthily. We have a massive obesity problem because of apologetics like this.

I'm not advocating the other extreme - the stick thin women and body building men, that's just as unhealthy - but there are land whales out there, who not only think it's fine to be obese, but to pass it on to their kids.

Yes, being less than statuesque is perfectly fine and healthy - but there is a limit to that.

The Last Archimedean

Dhamp, it's not always the overweight person's fault. My [now-passed] ex-wife had allergies so severe starting in early adulthood that she was on powerful steroids for about 15 years straight. She gained 150 pounds from ages 22 to 37 while eating less than 1500 kcal per day. By the time the doctors eased her off the steroids there was no way she was ever going to looks like anything but a bowling ball with limbs. I thought she was physically beautiful anyway and loved her with every fiber of my being. The only reason we divorced is that she made an error of judgment at work and had sex with an underaged boy, and got tossed in prison for an extended time and labeled a sex offender. I wasn't going to wait around for her to serve her [long] sentence. I did forgive her, though, and now that she's passed on I hope [insert name of deity] did as well and she's in Heaven/Paradise/Nirvana [whatever you call the good place, if you believe in an afterlife.]


What a frigging wanker.

So it would be OK if it was thin family with a huge order? He'd still complain if it was a fat person with a tiny order, though - I know his sort.

Let's face it - fast food is just as bad for you no matter what size you were when you walked in the door. You don't get to feel 'better' than the other customers because you're slimmer. Arsewipe.


Maybe Mr. Farris should go for a jog, I'm sure he'd find it a much more effective workout than whining on Twitter.
His entire complaint is "Why are people at the same restaurant as me thus forcing me to wait in line and delaying gratification of my craving for the same unhealthy food I going to disparage them for eating."


@Dhamp Sorry but points one and two are facts not opinions whether you understand them is immaterial.


TLA - I absolutely understand that, and I'm sorry for your loss - my brother has the opxposite issue with anti-migraine meds that basically make him look anorexic.

It doesn't detract from the fact that they are both unhealthy body types, albeit through no fault of their own, but it's also not their natural body type.

It also doesn't excuse "fat families" like in the image - my ex-bandmate's mother was paraplegic, and massively overweight - her husband and sons, weren't, because they could live healthier lifestyles.

For every obese person with a valid reason for being obese, there's dozens who don't.

Skittles - Your so-called facts are incorrect. No obese person is healthy, nor is a stick thin person. The poor health may not be visible, but it is there. My brother looks fairly healthy, but will massive long term issues that haven't manifested yet.
Poor health from being overweight doesn't start when you have your first heart attack.


Dhamp-I'm not sure if I can explain this any simpler. You can not under normal circumstances gauge health by appearance. Your weight and appearance are mostly determined by body type and there is little you can do about it. I tried to find some accurate info on the web but unfortunatly it was all diet scams and such. What you are mistaking for healthy is clearly a mesomorph body type. Mesomorph body types are what is fashionable and tipically considered attractive right now. An endomorph will be healthy at a higher weight since that is how that body type is naturally and may actually be unhealthy at lower weights. Simmilar issues exist with ectomorph body type only reversed as ectomorphs are tipically lanky and tall, putting on too much weight even if it is all muscle can be unhealthy. What you and unfortunately a fair amount of doctors consider obese is completely unaccurate in that it fails to take a lot of factors into account, such as cardiovascular health, bodyfat percentage and cholesterol counts/types. This is what happens when you combine dishonest insurance companies with diet scammers. Granted there are other factors than the ones I mentioned but it turns out just looking doesn't tell you much.

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