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Get shoes with support. Trust me, after a few hours on your feet you will FEEL IT. Double up on the relief mats if you can. And word to the wise, your first two weeks, you will attract assholes who can smell that you are new. Take a deep breath, lean on your supervisors, and remember that it gets better.

Bitch Boy

If you are getting a position at the company we all think you are, good luck!

My advice: If the internal padding for your shoe starts to rip, a little duct tape (or clear packing tape) can hold you off for about 2-3 days. This may give you the extra few days you need for payday.

addendum: carry a taser...


Try to find a place that sells nurse shoes. As in shoes used by nurses those are the best I've found for standing all day. Be prepared to hear the most offensive crap come out of some crusties mouths and be forced to ignore it.


be prepared for mindnumbing, mindblowing stupidity of epic proportions!!

NC Tony

Come back here often for advice on how to handle the customers, co workers and managers you'd like to strangle.


Above all, smile. Biologically speaking, a smile begets a smile. You are happier because smiling releases endorphins to actually make you FEEL happier. Psychologically speaking, customers that see you smiling subconciously raise their mood, if only by a little bit. You pick up on that stuff working face-to-face.

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