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Sales Agent Guy

You should also add:

* You claim that you just used your card and it wasn't declined, or that you KNOW you have money in it.


another addition:

* the card has "SEE ID" written on the back, but "it is my handicapped wife's card, and she is in the car, but I'm her husband" - negates the entire purpose.


I also can not help you if you need an electric riding cart and they are all being used by other patrons. I get cussed out at least once a day by angry custys because all the riding carts are in use. As if there is anything I can do about that.


the other day a customer actually asked me if i wanted her to press 'enter' after she had put her PIN in the machine.
i wanted to say...'isn't that what you normally do?' but i just said 'yes'


I don't understand why so many people think the credit card machine is a riddle. When I worked at an office supply store, after the customer would slide the card through, a message would pop up saying "please had card to cashier." The cashier then had to punch in the last 4 digits into the register and check the signature. But that's not how it normally happened, and people had to be coached through the entire process. One day I decided I would see how many people could figure it out on their own without me narrating what they needed to do. This is what happened every time:
Customer: *slides card*
Customer: *furrows eyebrows and slides again, with a little more oomph*
Customer: *sliding it again* It's not working!
Me: Oh, I'm sorry about that. Is it giving an error message? what is the screen saying.
Customer: *still furiously sliding card with confused look* Nothing, it's not going through!
Me: There are no instructions on the machine saying what to do next.
Customer: It just says "please hand card to cashier."
Me: Oh, that means you... need to hand your card... to the cashier...
Customer: *still confused, but looking as though they are on the brink of an epiphany* Oh... okay.

I'm a snarky anthropologist, I had to do it for research purposes ;)


I admit to using the "it just worked" one especially when I scan a few times and the cashier scans my card a few times and it refuses to go through. Mostly because by then I'm frustrated that I've wasted my time and the cashier's.


Ugh, those are my store too, Beckeh. It used to be that there was no place for custies to slide the card, and we had to take them. Then we got new machines, and now there is a place to slide your card. But we still have to punch in those last few digits... why the holy hell would they get machines with sliders when we have to take the acrd anyway?


*CARD, dammit


@SalesAgentGuy That actually happened to me twice.

1: I had plenty of money as I got paid the day before. What actually happened this time was my banks system for accepting credit/debit was down.

2: My bank put a stop on my account for suspected credit fraud. They did that because of a gas purchase at the gas station I always used.

People aren't always lying when they say that. However I didn't rage out like a nut ball over it.


The card reader display says Do Not Remove Card, they remove the card saying it said Remove card, I get it, they just don't read the full sentence. I used to explain that to them, but they are adamant that it said remove card. Every time. So now when that happens I just reply "Oh the display reads funny that way, we'll just try that again, no worries." Then tell them to wait until it displays Approved.


*You try to get back cash with a credit card, instead of a debit.


Your card is damaged no I can't fix it you need a new one

Yes if the card is declined you NEED to call your bank if you think it should not have been--no I can't do this for you

Yes if two people using the SAME card at the SAME time in different location try and BUY something--it WILL decline. And it might even LOCK your card until you--see No. 2 above. (this actually happened to us--one person getting gas at one location a few hundred miles from the other also getting gas.) Unusual--but it CAN happen. Solution? Same account--different card numbers.

No I will NOT sign the back of the card my BANK told me NOT to. IF you think seeing some ink on the back of the card with NO suppporting ID is a BETTER way to do business--well I DO have this nice bridge----

Do not wrap your card in DUCT TAPE and expect it to WORK

IF you slide the card more than "x" number of times it WILL get locked until you call the bank

Yes sometimes it WILL work for a gas purchase but NOT for anything else--my bank tells me this is so customers are not "stranded" but they figger you can get home and take care of whatever needs you might have there. The solution is to go INSIDE the gas station and pay for whatever ELSE you need WITH your gas.

Yes there ARE some places that STILL don't take cards!

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