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I've accidentally cashed out a transaction with cash instead of a check and typed in the wrong amount for a check, but I always called a PIC immediately and they were always able to go back into my register to fix it, and its not even the fancy registers at customer service that can actually process large returns, it the crappy, everyone uses registers that only have the ability to ring things up. So I think the cashier is just a ditz or hasn't worked there long enough

Fellow Slave

Well, sometimes cashiers get auto-stuck on phrases...

That one might have been "Is it o.k.?"...
Mine is usually Sorry....

But I've always been thankful that my manager can purge a transaction if I foul it up. Thankfully that applies to most types of transactions (except one, but it usually is easy to undo and redo on my own if I goof without needing to purge it from the cue).

Bored at the Bookstore

Y'know, I would love to be a fly on the wall at end of day when they tried to balance the drawer. "Let's see... The register says there should be a check here for $50, but all there is is this one for $45; _and_ we're short $5 in the cash! MAVIS!!! You owe the store money! I think."

Really, registers do have void keys... Even our K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) register does. But they can be tricky to configure properly; probably no one on duty is any good at it. I had a clerk once who couldn't run a void to save her life. Once, she wound up with a $1400 error because she could _not_ understand that two minuses do not make a positive. Nor do three, or four, or five,or six minuses. After that, I had to tell her to just "Hit Cash Tend to end the fiasco and start over from the beginning. Save the messed up receipt(s) for me to correct when I get there. It was faster and easier than trying to straighten out an error that increased geometrically!


I think that if the check is taken out right of whoevers account there, (example like wal-mart), they can only cash refund the difference.

It sounds like those girls were fairly new to the customer service desk.


oops right out* lol


Oh man, I have had brain fart days when I cashiered. I always apologized profusely, though. I feel bad for the poor thing. x_x

Queer Geek

Sometimes working with checks can be a nightmare. The cashier made an error and since the check has not been cashed, it should have been voided and reprocessed with the correct amount.

Depending on the bank, sometimes the financial institution will accept the error or will reject the check entirely; thus bouncing it and causing further problems for both the custy and the store. (They look at little details like the amount being written in correctly or the numerical amount written out on the line.)

Again this goes with proper training by the company. Many companies skimp on training employees and shove them on floor and that point it's sink or swim. The employee is in the wrong too and should have apologized and handled it with tact but again that goes with some employees having the right people skills to handle a difficult situation.

Hopefully, it all worked out in the end for everybody.


Brain-fart confession time:

I was once cashing out a register, banging in numbers, and accidentally hit the '00' key instead of the '0' key a few times in a row, and rang up roughly ten thousand bucks in spurious sales figures.

I could and did step back and erase them, but o lord my boss looked at me unhappily the next morning. It all added up... eventually.



They should have voided or post voided the transaction and re-done it. Even if the cashier was having a bad day, the manager should have known better.


Every day is a bad day when you're not trained properly.

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