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Hellbound Alleee

What sort of hell is this, I think I know. For I worked in an environment like this. The boss is a slave driver cracking the whip, holding over your head that there are dozens of people in line for your crappy job, and you'd better kiss his ass for the opportunity to be a work donkey.

heavy melvanova

still, they have a pretty good system. instead of each guy grabbing something and running around, you have one guy presorting into general areas, and then each area guy gets it to the right spot. crappy job, but doing the best they can.

Book Baby

Give them this: they don't have to go work out after they are done for the day!


It scares me to think how much broken glass there is on the floor at the end of the day. One crate catches an edge and goes over... kaboom.

I'm with heavy melvanova, though - They have a system, and it works.



I'd want to be the guy just casually walking around witht the pallet lift. His job looks super chill.


The guy with the pallet jack was, at least in the first one, one of the two guys doing the sorting at the beginning. (I didn't watch the whole thing, got kind of repetitive. Was nifty, though.)

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