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Congratulations! It's refreshing that your boss is willing to reward dedication and hard work; though I imagine you'll have stories to tell about bitchy complaining coworkers later on...

The Last Archimedean

*shaking head*

If a meeting is mandatory, I'll walk through the fiery pits of Hell, or the frozen wastelands, to get there.

Because I value my job.

Looks like you are the only person besides your boss, at your company, who gets that concept. And if you come back with stories about whiny co-workers who were laid off or had their hours cut, I won't feel sorry for them.


Congratulations on your reward for actually having a work ethic. Far to many people today who lack one.


Apperantly mandatory is too difficult of a word for your co-workers. Their loss is your gain though, right on.

Jason Thorn

I only have one caveat--I hope walking was the best way to keep warm, because if I was your fiance, I wouldn't have asked you to walk on that foot. I would have gotten the gas myself and let you rest in the car.

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